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Apollo Rebrands To OpenLoop

Jon LensingJuly 27, 2020

From the day we started Apollo, we set out with a lofty mission. Matt & I were two physicians with an idea to create a network that would change healthcare hiring. Connect providers directly to hospitals. These moonlighting positions were what gave us the name idea for Apollo Technologies after the NASA moon missions. After a great start to 2020, we found our name, though punny, did not reflect the core values of our…

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Answers To Common Patient Questions Regarding Masks (Part 1)

Jon LensingJuly 09, 2020

Over the past several months, wearing masks while in public places or in groups of people has become increasingly recommended by government and health officials to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. Some cities and states have taken the request for mask-wearing further, passing short-term legislation requiring masks to be worn in public places. However, as is common with many elements surrounding…

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Feeling Alone in Making Difficult Decisions and Diagnoses

Jon LensingJuly 08, 2020

For physicians, there can often be a sense of dread mixed with anxiety when it comes to making difficult decisions during treatment or offering tragic news to individuals regarding a diagnosis. Nobody wants to be in the position to deliver hard news or decisions, yet healthcare professionals are faced with this reality multiple times a day. Making difficult decisions or diagnosis can lead a physician or healthcare…

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Utilizing Empathetic Listening and Rapport with Patients

Jon LensingJune 25, 2020

As a healthcare professional, you are interacting with patients daily. From the moment they enter the door to their exit with a treatment plan in hand, your interaction with patients may be as significant as the guidance you give them. Have you taken the time to understand how empathetic listening – the ability to really listen and understand a patient’s concerns – and familiar rapport can benefit your patients and…

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Southwest Airlines to provide OpenLoop healthcare workers free flights to support the fight against COVID-19

Jon LensingApril 15, 2020

Industry leaders join forces to assist hospitals in need of medical personnel IOWA CITY, IA and DALLAS, TX – April 7, 2020 — Southwest Airlines is known for putting their “hearts” into action. A national leader in the airline industry, Southwest Airlines has pledged to provide free transportation to healthcare workers deploying to critically understaffed hospitals in support of the fight against…

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How will we find enough doctors for COVID-19?

Jon LensingMarch 27, 2020

As America faces the challenges that have befallen strained healthcare systems around the world as a result of COVID-19, OpenLoop has chosen to refocus its platform to address a likely shortage of healthcare professionals across the country. As of today, we have launched a redesigned platform and waived all fees to partner healthcare facilities directly with local physicians, nurses, healthcare workers, and…

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