Apollo Rebrands To OpenLoop

Jon LensingJuly 27, 20202 minute read

From the day we started Apollo, we set out with a lofty mission.

Matt & I were two physicians with an idea to create a network that would change healthcare hiring. Connect providers directly to hospitals. These moonlighting positions were what gave us the name idea for Apollo Technologies after the NASA moon missions.

After a great start to 2020, we found our name, though punny, did not reflect the core values of our identity. As a team, we set out to find a name that would articulate the clear mission of our product.

Who are we?

In the world of healthcare staffing, there are hundreds of companies all with their unique way of connecting physicians to patients. Most of these organizations work by monopolizing the provider contact information and facility contracts.

Apollo Technologies was created to open this network and place autonomy back in the hands of the providers.

But our name Apollo, Apollo HCT and Apollo Healthcare Technologies was not doing a good job of explaining our mission. Even in our own office we were referring to ourselves in multiple ways. None of which were related to space shuttles.

So we created OpenLoop

Apollo Technologies was our launch point. OpenLoop is our future. Our name communicates our vision statement: healing anywhere.

By creating an “Open” network of providers & hospitals, and adding them into the “Loop,” we're able to streamline staffing processes and put providers where they need to be--in front of patients.

OpenLoop stands for the Open Healing Loop we're building.

How we came to our new name.

One idea kept repeating itself in our meetings. Creating connections. We knew to be successful we would need to build a network that allowed connections between providers and facilities in need of services.

Furthermore, we did not want to be exclusive. Our network partners needed to have the ability to find the services and providers they required, without strict contract agreements that limited freedom.

Creating liberties.

On both sides of our marketplace, we wanted to “Open” the network. Give providers the autonomy they used to have before staffing agencies started dominating the temporary work market. Everything we develop is designed to empower our users.

Tech Guidelines: Transparency, Innovation, Simplicity

As part of the rebrand, we’re investing heavily in our technology. Some key changes include:

  • Website makeover
  • Improved matching automation
  • Profile enhancements
  • New support integrations

Q3 we have an exciting feature set growing and we invite you into the Loop to share your ideas! Thanks for being with us on our journey and we're looking forward to the many other changes we'll make together

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