How will we find enough doctors for COVID-19?

Jon LensingMarch 27, 20201 minute read

As America faces the challenges that have befallen strained healthcare systems around the world as a result of COVID-19, OpenLoop has chosen to refocus its platform to address a likely shortage of healthcare professionals across the country. As of today, we have launched a redesigned platform and waived all fees to partner healthcare facilities directly with local physicians, nurses, healthcare workers, and volunteers who are ready to join the fight against COVID-19.

Over the last several decades, a pandemic has never threatened the wellbeings of America’s people in quite the same way that COVID-19 has. Yet, we have also seen an unprecedented outpouring of service and compassion from those who want to heal patients on the front lines — our nation’s nurses, physicians, volunteers, healthcare workers, and volunteers.

Since day one, the OpenLoop team has been committed to improving community health by accelerating care delivery for patients. Together with 120 physicians already enrolled and several major healthcare systems, we are well underway toward achieving that mission.

If you are a healthcare facility looking for workers, click here to sign up.

If you are a healthcare worker seeking immediate employment or a volunteer looking to help, click here to sign up and get matched in your area.

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