Startup technology that can help solve COVID-19 staffing shortages

Jon LensingMarch 17, 20202 minute read

We need your help!

Please spread the world to all hospitals, practices, urgent care centers in need of additional staff. If you know of any volunteers or medical professionals willing to help out, please enroll!


COVID-19 has rapidly changed life in the United States in ways that few thought possible just weeks ago. While we adapt to these changes, there may be even more changes to come including increased strain and demand on our healthcare facilities and healthcare providers. At OpenLoop, we want to help mitigate the stress endured by both healthcare facilities and healthcare providers.

How we’re helping

With the growing number of COVID-19 cases across the US, we have to prepare for inevitable provider shortages across the all metro areas of the nation. This requires a two- pronged approach. First, from the perspective of the healthcare facility: OpenLoop allows facilities post jobs (or future job needs) and then await a qualified candidate. By not having to go out and search for providers, healthcare facilities save valuable time and effort that they can then direct into fighting COVID.

Second, OpenLoop allows the rapid enrollment of qualified providers to the platform who can then be matched up to facilities that are in need. This increased transferability and streamlined hiring is made possible through the OpenLoop platform. This is crucial toward combating our newest enemy.

In summary we..

  • Host job needs of hospitals
  • Centralize availability of medical providers
  • Connect providers to open positions
  • Connect all non-medical volunteers to hospitals in need

The rapid spread of COVID-19 is in part due to the unprecedented mobility that has become the norm in the 21st century. To combat such a problem the utilization of modern technology such as OpenLoop is key. What will this look like during a pandemic? Doctors being quickly and efficiently sent to where they are most needed. Less strain on hospitals as they know that someone is actively looking to fill not only current, but future vacancies, and finally a peace of mind as doctors know their talents will be directed to where they are most needed.

Waiving our fees

For the foreseeable future, OpenLoop will waive all fees associated with the use of our platform in order to better connect our partner hospitals to the available provider talent pool.

Ways others can help

The CDC has put together a comprehensive guide on how to respond to the coronavirus. If you have not already we highly recommend reading their detailed articles on ways to prevent the spread of the virus, and ways to limit infection. Social distancing, sanitation, and what to do if you are symptomatic are discussed at length on their website.

Provider enrollment

To anyone who knows a physician or medical provider who would be interested in working during this time, please direct them to and we will be in contact within 24 hours.

Media Contact

Jess Greiner Director, Marketing