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How To Hire Physicians in New Markets? Cano Health Answered This Question With Help From OpenLoop

For twelve years Cano Health has been delivering top tier medical services in the state of Florida. Dr. Marlow Hernandez started Cano while he was his final year in medical school. His initial goal was to service one location, Pembroke Pines, Florida, where residents didn’t have access to medical coverage from traditional insurance networks.

Twelve years and sixty plus clinic locations later, Dr. Hernandez has changed patients lives not just in Pembroke Pines, but all over the state of Florida. Now Cano Health employs over 1000 employees delivering medical care visits worth $350 million in revenue annually. But this is only another step in the journey.

In the past three years Cano Health has grown over 7000% and services more than 90,000 patients through 400+ medical provider affiliates. This growth secured Cano Health’s position as the fastest growing Primary Care Provider in the US as award by Inc. magazine.

"Our mission is simple. To improve patient health by delivering superior primary care medical service, while forging a life-long bond with our members." Cano Health.

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Hiring Top Talent Physicians

Earlier this year Cano and OpenLoop partnered to solve a prominent challenge in the delivery of medical services—How to hire primary care physicians for a new location.

Opening new primary care locations is nothing for Cano. With repeated success in Florida, the Cano Health team is filled with experts on the needs of establishing a new facility. They are quickly able to determine the needs of the patient population, find the right location for visits, and begin offering services that improve patient outcomes in the community.

However, Cano is moving beyond Florida. This year they are opening multiple new clinics in Nevada & Texas. Regions where finding physicians for primary care positions is competitive, time consuming, and expensive.

“When we first started recruiting for the position in Las Vegas, we found that agency prices were almost four times more expensive than in Florida,” says Sara Irizarry, VP of the Nevada Market at Cano Health. “Due to the shortage of Primary Care Providers in Nevada, our search was difficult.”

Irizarry is referring to Nevada’s specific rank as 48/50 for primary care physicians per 100,000 population in the US as shared by the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine report. “Our internal team wasn’t having the success we experience when recruiting in Florida.”

The Challenge of Hiring Physicians Fast

After three months of searching, at the beginning of September Cano turned to OpenLoop to help fill vacancies in their new clinic .“We knew had the tools and the team to fill the position quickly,” says Dr. Jon Lensing, CEO of OpenLoop, “As medical providers, we’re always looking for opportunities to help physicians connect with more patients. When Cano spoke with us about the physician openings in Las Vegas, we got started that same day.”

It can take up to 227 days to recruit a family medicine physicians according to the statistics from Medical Economics survey of 50% of positions filled in 2018. With an opening date of October 1st, this timeline was not going to work for Cano.

“Even though part-time clinician placements are our core business, our system is flexible. With a few small changes, we put our tools to work recruiting full time physicians for the new clinics.” says Dr. Lensing. He’s speaking about OpenLoop’s matchmaking system. Different than a traditional job board, OpenLoop matches candidates to open roles that fit their exact credentials and availability. “In this case,” continued Dr. Lensing, “We didn’t have a physician that fit Cano’s criteria. So, we utilized our web-automations to recruit the perfect physician. The OpenLoop platform enables us to communicate job needs to over 80,000 medical providers. We put this to work for Cano.”

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Hybrid Physician Hiring Process

After scoping the initial request. OpenLoop determined the best approach to fill the open physician role in Nevada was a blended model. The OpenLoop physician recruiting platform would focus on sourcing and qualifying top applicants. This included performing background checks, reference review, and gathering appropriate medical credentials in a digital library. Cano’s in-house recruiting department would perform final review of candidates before presenting an offer.

“The best part of working with Cano was their attention to detail.” says Christian Williams, COO at OpenLoop, “They provided extremely specific traits they were looking for in a physician, allowing us to target our messaging to fit the role.”

One of those traits was that the candidate had to be bilingual. Cano is dedicated to reducing friction in patient visits, and they are constantly looking for ways to elevate the patient experience.

With a significantly reduced talent pool to choose from, OpenLoop began testing their hiring system.

Physician Placements in Under 1-Week

Using the combined hybrid recruiting process, OpenLoop and Cano Health were able to find a physician for their New Las Vegas clinic in under one week. The total cost for the placement was one quarter of the competitors quotes and additional savings were achieved by OpenLoop’s prescreening process to filter for the best candidates.

“Not only was OpenLoop fast, they were four times less expensive than some of the other quotes we received,” says Irizarry, “Coming from Florida, we had a bit of sticker shock.”

When asked why OpenLoop did not raise their prices in the Nevada Physician Market, Dr. Lensing answered, “We are a technology company first and a staffing company second. Our process for filling the role was the same and we don’t raise prices to follow the same procedures”

This successful physician recruiting placement was created by Cano Health’s willingness to work with new partners and business roles. OpenLoop now continues to source clinicians for Cano Health as they expand into the Las Vegas and surrounding Nevada areas.

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