For corporations offering telehealth benefits

Expert clinicians delivering quality virtual care to your employees.
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We power virtual care anywhere

OpenLoop partners with corporations across the US to bring our proven clinicians and full stack telehealth infrastructure directly to your employees and their families.
  • 50 state clinical coverage
  • Cost-effective and convenient consultations
  • Years of telehealth experience
  • 24x7 secure support

We support your organization's needs through:

  • Primary Care
  • Urgent Care
  • Screenings & Checkups
  • Mental Health Services
...and more!

Why corporations like yours partner with us

  • Seamlessly offer 24x7 general and specialty care to your employees
  • Tap into a complete stack of clinical infrastructure to offload back office challenges (e.g. compliance, EHR, scheduling, payroll)
  • Give employees a cohesive experience with whitelabeled occupational health care
  • Gain fully designed and tested triaging algorithms
  • Accurately forecast patient demand and the coverage needed to support it

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