The Magic Behind Building A Video-Centric Aesthetic Business Empire

November 30, 2021Lou SilbermanHealthcareBusinessTelehealth

In today’s episode, our guest is Lou Silberman, the founder and president of the National Laser Institute and Louology. He has always wanted to be a healthcare entrepreneur but was just too scared to jump in without the proper vision and mission, but with the right determination, Lou Silberman was able to create a video-centric medical business empire dedicated to the global community of people in the aesthetic and beauty field.

We’ll be discussing:

  • The science behind crushing it in the aesthetics industry

  • Growing an amazing brand by helping people change lives

  • Common roadblocks in aesthetics professional training

  • Bridging the gap between marketing and selling in the aesthetics industry

  • The integration of professional development and personal development in the industry

  • The power of creating content and leveraging the internet in amplifying message and branding


[01:00] Background of Lou Silberman

[04:00] The birth of an aspiration: Lou’s upbringing in the internet healthcare

[10:00] The history and rebirth of National Laser Institute

[12:00] The birth of Loulogy

[16:00] The ups and downs in the integration of a video-centric business model

[17:00] The influence of Lou Silberman in the industry

[19:00] Modeling the success of Loulogy through healthcare practice development

[21:00] Promoting a growth mindset in health professional development

[25:00] Filtering useful content to the needs of a brand

[29:00] Leveraging social media in marketing

[31:00] How influencer marketing affects overall brand strategy

[36:00] Rapid fire round

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