Bringing Mental Health Care to Underserved Populations

December 21, 2021Spencer HutchinsHealthcareTherapyMental Health

Today, our guest is Spencer Hutchins, the co-founder and CEO of Concert Health. Concert Health is working in the behavioral health and mental health space to make healthcare accessible to underserved populations including those with Medicare/Medicaid and via rural health clinics.

Currently, they have over 130 employed behavioral health clinicians on the team that work hand in hand with primary care practitioners and care for over 20,000 patients.

We’ll be discussing:

  • The behavioral and mental health space under the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Providing the blueprint in allowing healthcare providers to scale and grow

  • Combining efforts of the patient and the primary care team to address mental health

  • Deciding the type of organization you want to build as an entrepreneur

  • An Overview of the Collaborative Care Model


[1:00] Background of Spencer Hutchins

[3:00] Maneuvering mental healthcare amid the pandemic

[5:00] Embedding therapy into a primary healthcare setting

[7:00] Roadblocks in integrating the team-model services into people's existing models of companies

[9:00] Talking about the collaborative care model

[11:00] Leveraging different technologies and team members to amplify the value of healthcare

[13:00] The personal health questionnaire nine (PHQ 9)

[17:00] Providing resources to the demographics that have limited or no access to care

[19:00] Society-wide awakening to the behavioral health care

[23:00] Rapid fire round

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