Incorporating Digital Marketing with Storytelling with Irma Rastegayeva and Evan Kirstel

January 06, 2021Irma Rastegayeva & Evan KirstelHealthTechDigitalHealthTelehealth

Evan and Irma are founders of eViRa Health, a B2B digital marketing consultancy with an exclusive focus on social media in Health and Life Sciences. They founded eViRa Health in 2017 with a mission to bring their decades of experience and know-how in product development, technology, storytelling, business development, social engagement and patient experience to serve the global Health Tech community. Evan and Irma’s work earned each of them top Healthcare Social Graph Scores (99+ out of maximum 100), based on Symplur’s trusted analytics and database of tens of thousands of healthcare topics with billions of conversations and millions of healthcare influencer profiles.

In this episode of MedStreet Journal, Evan and Irma discuss the advantages of digital marketing and how it has drastically become relevant to the modern world. They will share their insights on building thought leadership and content around digital health and the health tech road.

“I think now there is a convergence with social media as a source of the kind of grassroots movement” [9:20]

What is the importance of storytelling? [4:35]

Irma became a deep believer in storytelling to acquire deals and obtain buy-ins from various stakeholders and also to get support from her initiatives. As a patient advocate, she found that storytelling is the key, using it to ask insightful questions to draw out the story from patients and then listen to help them craft a narrative to captivate and engage.

What are the trends that can be seen in the industry this year? [7:03]

Evan shares that telehealth and telemedicine usage went up this year from 2-3% to 60-70% through the COVID crisis and has seen 10 years of digital adoption not only in health care but across the board in months. Moreover, he said we are consuming tech delivered through the Cloud and is accelerating and is projected to go beyond the pandemic. Internet of Medical Things can be the overarching trend that can change everything. Irma adds that trends in digital therapeutics and 3D printing are evident to add to our effort in implementing our practices on disease prevention.

What advice can companies get to improve overall marketing? [15:30]

Marketing has been shifted online and companies try to reinvent their playbook on digital engagement away from traditional steadfast waves of reaching businesses pre COVID. Evan said that the massive change and shift in social media usage can be advantageous for marketing. Irma adds, in the patient advocate perspective, social media has been a great source for patients and the community for support.

Biggest hurdle or resistance when marketing their companies [20:18]

Evan said that it is all about knowledge, insight, and hands-on experiences. Engaging and getting involved in social media. The companies that are being left behind are those who are not in the customer’s or consumer’s thought process on a day-day or a week-week basis. Irma said that organic social media and being out there is important. Catching people’s attention through organic content based on trust and relationship building.

DIY vs Outsourcing? [24:00]

Evan said at Evira, they complement their client’s social abilities and community and not look to replace them. He thinks that the fundamental mistake is made when companies outsource their own internal social, digital, or marketing innovation completely to a third-party. Irma mentioned that in Evira, they tailor-fit their services enabling internal teams to help them improve their strategies incorporating social to their overall plan including onboarding and enablement and coaching of team members.

Evan Kirstel and Irma Rastegayeva answer the rapid-fire questions [27:40]

About the Guests

Irma Rastegayeva is a Boston-based marketing consultant and storytelling coach at the intersection of health, technology and patient experience. Named in the Top 30 Women in Tech, she is recognized as a top influencer in DigitalHealth, HealthTech, IoT and other related topics. Following a 20+ year career in product development, consulting and technology management, Irma now combines deep technical expertise with patient advocacy and community engagement as a Chief Digital Storyteller at eViRa Health. Additionally, Irma serves on the boards of the American College of Healthcare Trustees (ACHT) and Ideas in Action.

Evan Kirstel is a B2B thought leader, top 10 technology ”influencer” and enterprise industry insider with a direct social media following of half a million. With an organic reach in the tens of millions and a network of fellow Influencers, Evan has helped B2B tech brands like Intel, 3M, AT&T Business, Qualcomm, HPE, Telefonica, Samsung and Ericsson achieve massive visibility and scale across the social media landscape in areas like Telecom, Cloud, 5G, HealthTech, IoT, AI, Big Data, CyberSecurity and Remote Work. Evan brings his expertise in enterprise and passion for social media to eViRa Health as a Chief Digital Evangelist.

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