Driving Innovations in Musculoskeletal Care with Ryan Grant

July 13, 2021Ryan GrantHealthTechHealthcare

“I would recommend having people on your team who think differently than you do all be aligned on a mission and a vision.” [20:35]

About Ryan Grant

Ryan Grant, M.D., neurosurgeon and healthcare entrepreneur, is the CEO and founder of Vori Health. Dr. Grant’s mission is to make a better healthcare world through the use of fully integrated, innovative technologies.

About Vori Health

Vori Health was established to deliver an elevated, human-centered care experience through cutting-edge technology, premium content, community, and multidisciplinary care teams. They practice holistic healthcare, including physical therapy, imaging & lab ordering, health coaching, and nutritional guidance for complete musculoskeletal care. The team consists of carefully selected, board-certified/licensed providers that are accessible at the click of a button from the comfort and convenience of a patient’s home.

The Importance of Targeting Musculoskeletal Pain [5:15]

For those unfamiliar, musculoskeletal pain can affect a patient’s bones, joints, ligaments, tendons or muscles - most commonly experienced in the back, neck, hip, knee or shoulder regions. As a leading cause of global disability and one of the top expenditures in the US, Dr. Grant discusses his personal drive for focusing on improving efficiencies, quality of care, scale of treatment delivery, and a decrease in unnecessary surgeries.

A Glimpse Into Vori Health’s Strategy and Goals [15:50]

Dr. Grant understands the value of teamwork and strong partnerships in order to accomplish great things. Building an awesome team with the right mindsets and the right partnerships is essential to Vori Health’s business model. Listen in as Dr. Grant shares some of the ways they set out to improve care delivery not only for the patients they serve, but also the insurance providers, employers, and other industry players they interact with across every touchpoint.

Expert Advice for Others Looking to Solve Real Problems within Healthcare [18:44]

Dr. Grant emphasizes the importance of identifying the problem you’re trying to solve, understanding who your customer is along each stage of the healthcare journey, mapping out any timing intricacies, and flagging any areas you may need to lean on others’ expertise for. Having a pulse on your partners, competitors, differentiators, and market opportunity are essential to success. The other missing piece - having people on your team who think differently than you do.

Obstacles to Prepare for and Methods for Overcoming Them [31:25]

Dr. Grant notes that all startup projects face different sorts of resistance as part of the learning curve. The easiest thing for people to do is to not change at all - just get up, go to work, and do the same exact things as yesterday. In order to truly innovate, it’s important to push out of your comfort zone, change, adopt new things, and actually talk to the people you’re trying to serve. You’ll be surprised what you find out.

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