Early Detection Is Better Than Cure with Mark Lewis

September 23, 2020Mark LewisHealthcareHealthtech

Mark Lewis is the founder and CEO of Solos Health Analytics. His team currently develops hardware and software health aid to help people learn their normal body temperature and detects anomaly from the information gathered.

In this episode of MedStreet Journal, we will know how Mark Lewis started his virtual team and pulled off a successful and very innovative technology that focuses on learning each body’s unique temperature and perceive fever early so one can act upon it real-time.

“We drown in data. Big data is cool except when you have to analyze. So the problem with a lot of this telemedicine is the doctor is getting more and more data and that’s not helpful to them... What we wanna do in AI and machine learning is to provide those initial filters.” [17:19]

Who is Mark Lewis and how did he start his way through healthcare? [00:39]

Mark Lewis grew up in technology starting his early career in various computer forms such as Digital Compact and Hewlett Packard. He never did healthcare as he only focuses and specializes in software technology innovation until 2020 happened.

The realization of innovating the approach on getting temperature started he bought a thermometer this year. He noticed how little technology was involved in taking one’s body temperature. So he fused his vast knowledge about technology with healthcare. According to him, early detection can save lives so they aim to bring the technology of checking the body temperature into biometric readings.

How did Solos Health Analytics Team founded? [02:41]

In February 2020, the current pandemic situation challenged Mark Lewis to build and form his team. With the lockdown situation, they entirely used Zoom meetings to brainstorm. This included 15 presentations to seed round investors, 14 came on board and an engineering team in Bulgaria from the previous firm he worked with. As of today, Mark Lewis has a total of 25 employees whom he’s never met personally.

What is FeverGuard? [4:40]

Mark Lewis’ mission is to revolutionize the fever detection. According to him, today we take our body temperature in a very episodic way and each body's temperature varies. It’s an innovative technology that detects a person’s normal body temperature, so it also detects anomalies from there informing the person of an early detection of fever. Ultimately, Mark Lewis and his team at Solos Health Analytics have developed this technology for everyone to have a personal tool that would learn their personal body temperature and monitor it with them.

As Mark said, he was not familiar with healthcare so he started consulting experts who helped him a lot in understanding everyone’s needs in terms of medical aid and merging it along with his knowledge in software and technology.

What makes an anomaly? [09:54]

FeverGuard is an armband that learns the relative values of one's normal body temperature. Anomaly detection comes in when the first indication of a fever kicks in and this is when your normal body temperature deviates.

Wearable Armband called FeverGuard [12:07]

According to Mark Lewis, they worked with their partners to build the hardware for FeverGuard, have phone applications and cloud storage platform so it seamlessly connects to one another and is easy to install for the users. He said that the team is ultimately focused on anomaly detection. The main goal is to change the course of healthcare by looking at the potential of using individualized anomaly detection.

What is the potential situation for Solos Health Analytics? [13:35]

According to Mark, the potential situation he is focusing on is the real-time health safety in the shortest form by considering and developing ways to help people be healthier through the use of real-time sensors. He said that this would give people insights to changing metrics from their baseline.

Mark Lewis answers the rapid-fire round of questions. [19:17]

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