A Little Bit From Egg Freezing to Launching Your Fertility Journey with Catherine Hendy

September 16, 2020Catherine HendyHealthcareHealthtechDigitalhealth

Catherine Hendy is the director and co-founder of ELANZA Wellness, and a passionate advocate for women’s reproductive healthcare.

In this episode of the Med Street Journal, Catherine shares her personal journey towards fertility treatments and egg freezing, and how she utilized the opportunities she encountered by creating a company that offers a one of a kind experience and community of support to all women who are having challenges in their reproductive health.

“As you are translating tools from ideas stage into clinical settings, the most important voices are the voices of the people deploying these tools so often not heard at all, or too late.”- Catherine Hendy [03:38]

What is your background? [00:35]

Catherine co-founded ELANZA Wellness, a company built by women, for women. ELANZA Wellness is majorly female populated and its clients are women who are going through challenges in their fertility health.

The company aims to provide a total experience in fertility treatments, from offering the best venue for fertility retreats, the best practitioners and experts in the field, the best technology, nutrition and all the other resources that supports the whole treatment process.

The idea of building this company roots from her personal experience. She went through the procedure of freezing her egg at age 32. She was chatting with a friend about egg freezing and as the conversation went on, they realized the whole process is so clinical and there isn’t much information available that caters particularly to patients.

That was an eye opener for her and that propelled the idea of creating something that is designed for patients. She sat down with a friend over coffee and started developing this idea, worked on the concepts around it and that’s how ELANZA came into fruition.

How did she identify the problem in the healthcare system and the first steps she took to offer solutions? [02:34]

She got to pick out the problem from personal experience. When she went through the egg freezing procedure, she realized there’s a huge gap in terms of knowledge between women who are experiencing fertility problems versus those in the clinical settings. She decided to create something that can be useful to women and aid them in their fertility journey. She wanted to offer women more research and awareness, more resources, and a community that supports and advocates the women’s journey in fertility healthcare.

How did you get the word out about your company and reached the people you wanted to reach? [05:13]

She made use of the digitization method with the aid of technology. She visited fertility clinics and interacted with medical practitioners and experts as well as real patients, introduced the product and what it does, as well as the other resources and technologies revolving around the product. Through the help of the digital process, they managed to reach out to more people, more women who are having the same experience and up the ante on their scalability.

How did she put her team together? [07:40]

She worked with women who shared the same experience and struggles she’s had with their fertility. She leveraged on that experience to get to know people who share the same vision, have the same needs for assistance, guidance and information about fertility and egg freezing. She reached out to experts in various fields - nutritionists, retreat facility owners, doctors, nurses among others and made sure she had a first hand experience and knowledge of how they work and how good they are in their areas of expertise before she had the confidence to recommend and direct her clients to these link resources.

How did she earn the trust of people on her brand? [11:22]

She has created a symbiotic relationship with healthcare experts and professionals who she can involve in the work that she does and refer to her clients. She established a trusted source of information by creating a company that is evidence based and facts based while ensuring all the data that are being shared by her clients are kept in confidence.

What advice would she give to other professionals in the industry? [15:45]

Engage and interact with people to establish your connections really early. In the building stage of your products, involve people. Before you even start thinking of what product to offer, build relationships with health care practitioners and people who can build the business or promote it.

What advice would she give to her 20-year-old self? [19:53]

Don’t wait for commission, if it needs changing, change it yourself.

Catherine Hendy answers the rapid-fire round of questions. [18:10]

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