Elevating Global Health and Quality of Life with Cameron Carter

July 27, 2021Cameron CarterHealthTechHealthcare

About Cameron Carter

Cameron Carter is an experienced product strategist at DaVita, the largest provider of kidney care services in the US. The company provides life-saving care for over 200,000 patients across 3K outpatient dialysis centers in the US and 241 centers in nine other countries around the globe.

[02:17] The Confidence to Pursue a New Career Opportunity

We discuss Cameron’s career journey and how it got him to this point, including the pros and cons of working for a startup vs. a larger corporation in the healthcare space.

[5:50] A Day in the Life

We walk through Cameron’s day-to-day life and share some tips for maintaining creativity and staying patient-centric.

[7:55] Tips for Evolving Professionally

Cameron lends advice to peers in the space striving to expand their knowledge base, push their products and services ahead of the competition, and accurately anticipate consumer / patient demand to exceed expectations and deliver results.

[11:47] Advice for Diversifying Your Company

Cameron emphasizes the importance of listening and understanding across your organization and with your target consumers / patients. One of his best pieces of advice - decoupling your comfort always leads to growth.

[17:52] Healthcare Trends to Watch

We’re diving into the biggest interruptions hitting healthcare right now. These are the trends triggering the industry to reinvent itself to better serve patients around the world that you should keep an eye on.

[21:37] How to Make a Big Impact

From starting locally to scaling globally, these are some proven ways to make a positive impact and solidify success.

Links to Check Out:

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/CamDotCarter

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cameron-carter-62117175

Website: https://www.davita.com