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November 25, 2020Mario AngladaHealthtechDigitalHealthTelehealth

Mario Anglada is the Founder and CEO of Hoy Health LLC. With over 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry, he has found opportunities and come up with a resolution that is accessible for everyone.

In this episode of MedStreet Journal, Mario shares his way through the healthcare space and how he uses his vast experience from working with large healthcare companies such as Procter & Gamble, J&J, and Cardinal Health to identify the two main challenges of the healthcare industry and provide solutions in the most efficient way.

“We’ve crafted the healthcare solution that is specifically focused on giving anybody access to the healthcare system or primary care-oriented medicines.” [1:39]

Who is Mario Anglada? [00:40]

Mario Anglada started his career in the healthcare industry 25 years ago. He’s worked in all aspects of healthcare such as pharmaceutical, OTCs, medical devices, medical nutrition, and health services. He’s worked for some of the biggest healthcare companies such as Procter and Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Cardinal Health to name a few.

Two main challenges of healthcare [01:05]

During his stint in working for different parts and fields in the healthcare space, Mario has noticed two main challenges: (1) access issues to healthcare and (2) cost of healthcare. Over the course of his experience, he decided to create a team of experts and crafted a healthcare solution that is focused on giving anybody access to the healthcare system or primary care-oriented medicine.

What started Hoy Health? [2:20]

Mario said that starting Hoy Health is an opportunity that wasn’t met by anybody else. He started creating a solution for healthcare for the Hispanics. Over the course of their journey in space, they’ve realized that anyone can benefit from it and anyone needs it. He said that everything they deploy is done via their website so anyone can access their healthcare ecosystem.

How important is it for Hoy Health that the service is accessible to everyone? [03:28]

Not everybody has the access to the best tools out there so Mario and his team came up with the solution to make it available online so everyone with their cellphones, tablets or computers can easily access it. Hoy Health has a protocol that is mobile first so the service will be available to all consumers wherever they might be.

Trends in the healthcare industry [4:44]

Hoy Health started with the Hispanic community which is 18% of the USA population and will grow in the next 30 years to about 32%. The second aspect, as Mario has put it, is that we need to look at this from a Hispanic perspective and these consumers have 2 trillion dollars in purchasing value. However, when you look at the healthcare journey of these consumers, it’s at the bottom. Nobody created a solution that would tailor-fit their needs, language and culture and so Hoy Health took the opportunity to tackle this trend.

The Hoy Health LLC [05:53]

As Hoy Health wants to create an easy-to-understand process, they came up with easy-to-remember names that would associate its purpose:

  • Hoy Doc is for the doctor-patient engagement, hence telemedicine and medication.
  • Hoy Meds is a medication-savings program. It is a mobile application that can be downloaded which enables the user to have access to pre-negotiated discounted rates from over 65,000 pharmacies in the US.
  • Hoy Rx concept is a prescription-purchase program that prepays medication.
  • Hoy Life Kit is a box that has everything you need for a condition-management program. It includes medications, medical devices, and testing supplies.

How does Hoy Health connect with their target audience? [08:41]

Initially, Hoy Health does agreements with large partners. The company is working for partners that are in the patient advocacy space, retail space, groups that empowers communities of color. Once they’ve come to an agreement, that’s when they make their tools available to the sub-populations.

Secondly, as Hoy Health is a mobile-first service, they use social media to get their messages out. And make the audience aware that their products are here to support them throughout their journey.

What is the potential future of technology in healthcare? [10:26]

Mario Anglada insisted that nothing replaces the human interaction. We will always need a physical doctor, nurse, healthcare professionals because that’s just how the system works. According to him, what’s coming to the forefront is the inter-connectivity of wearables and medical devices and how it will capture the dataset then put it in the hands of the healthcare professionals in an information vs. data approach.

Mario answers the rapid-fire round of questions. [12:48]

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