Healthcare Social Media Marketing For Busy Professionals with Sheema Qurashi

April 28, 2021Sheema QurashiHealthTechHealthcareMarketing

Sheema Qurashi owns a healthcare social media marketing agency that works with dentists. She has eight years of social media marketing experience. In this episode, Sheema discusses some of the strategic methods using social media that can elevate your profile.

“The way the ads work and the way they're shown has to be tailored very specifically in order to produce those results and get those new clients.” [5:00]

Who is Sheema Qurashi? [00:15]

Sheema Qurashi owns a healthcare social media marketing agency that works with dentists and also has 8 years of social media marketing experience. She used her knowledge to create SQ Social Strategies, a healthcare social media marketing agency that works with dentists, chiropractors, plastic surgeons amongst other people.

Sheema discusses the value of social media marketing [3:52]

She says that the doctors should take marketing into consideration and then speaks about a strategy called the marketing funnel strategy.

Sheema talks about digital marketing tactics [7:17]

She quotes some of the marketing means that are quite effective like Google Ads, Instagram ads, Facebook Pixel.

Sheema talks about different kinds of content dentists can make [13:02]

She digs in a little bit deeper and says depending on your goals and the services you provide, then you can adjust yourself into making different content.

Sheema explains how she goes about finding new clients [20:10]

Sheema highlights that emails or LinkedIn messages work really well and discusses how LinkedIn groups are more active than Facebook groups.

Advice for professionals using social media. [22:48]

Sheema insists that it is important to make sure whoever is hired to take care of their marketing knows how to use the Facebook pixel. She adds that he or she should also know how to use the marketing funnel strategy because those two things are key.

Applying video marketing into dentistry. [24:39]

She refers to how she started off as a YouTube makeup artist and later on had a makeup business of her own. She then says that she is looking into adding YouTube and YouTube marketing into her services as well.

Sheema answers the rapid-fire round of questions [27:41]

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