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November 11, 2020Laura GardnerHealthtechDigitalHealthTelehealth

Laura Gardner is the CEO of Persimmon AI Inc. Their solution, OTC FinderTM, helps both USA-born and new arrivals. OTC Finder is the first web-app that matches the new arrival’s home medication to the analogous USA OTC and provides predefined conditions that anyone, American or newcomer, can select to get a list of appropriate OTC’s.

Being a serial entrepreneur, she has seen most of what the healthcare industry can offer. In this episode of MedStreet Journal, Laura Gardner shares her journey through the healthcare industry and how she and her team developed a solution that would help people select the right medication that they need.

“The pharmaceutical industry is very inefficient. There are lots of people in between manufacturers and the users… which I feel is too un-empathetical to delivering the quality of care in an affordable price.” [12:28]

Who is Laura Gardner? [00:48]

Laura Gardner started her career as a physician. She graduated at a medical school in New York. After moving to California, she decided that she did not want to continue patient-care as she felt she wasn’t making a big impact by just taking care of one patient at a time.

She used the opportunity to attend the University of California’s residency program in public health. She created a program based on what she wanted to accomplish in her masters that she hadn’t had the opportunity to do including research methodology. After a series of experiences in the field, she started her own company, Persimmon AI, Inc.

What does Persimmon AI do? [08:09]

Laura said that it took a while for Persimmon AI to find the right product. She wanted something from the pharmaceutical sector as she felt that there was a need to understand and have the ability to choose the right over-the-counter medication for regular Americans and new arrivals to the USA. Laura said that there’s no one in the market doing it, no one else helps people choose the right medication like Persimmon AI does.

They translate medication into the native language of the user, e.g. India. They are now working on Mexico, and from there expand to South America, Europe, Asia and Africa. According to Laura, the goal of Persimmon AI is to translate from the user’s home country the medication they are accustomed to taking to English and vice versa.

How’s the process of going from idea to creation? [12:35]

When she first started Persimmon AI, Laura said she did not have any idea what specific product she wanted. She tried a number of different approaches to help her brainstorm including sponsoring an internship for young market research teams who tried to study how to eliminate the unnecessary issues between the patient and their medication.

What are the industry trends observed that made Laura get excited about the potential of Persimmon AI? [15:50]

According to Laura, there are two main trends that make Persimmon AI a thing to look after and it’s the following: Increasing presence of immigrants and new arrivals in the USA. She believed that the future is with the immigrants and immigrants will start up again in a huge way after the pandemic and increasing habit of people to buy necessary things online. Laura said that when it comes to over-the-counter medication, people might be concerned about buying online without knowing which is the right medicine to select.

Who is on the Persimmon AI, Inc Team? [17:31]

Laura Gardner founded Persimmon AI and she has a co-founder for the product, OTC Finder and he is a native-born Indian who graduated with a masters of business. He’s instrumental in working the data-base and user flows. He is a part-time project manager and part-time designer. They also have an outsource development team in India.

What advice can Laura impart to people who would like to make an impact too? [20:43]

According to Laura, she always would like to pass on the advice she was given and that is you need the market to tell you what they need. It’s very easy to fall in love with your product and think right away that it’s the thing people will want and need. But the market will tell you what it needs. Find the user base, find out who your market is going to be, talk to them and find out what they need.

Laura answers the rapid-fire round of questions. [24:48]

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