Improving Care Outcomes with Telehealth

January 18, 2022Becky SandersHealthcareTelemedicineTelehealth

In this episode, our guest is Becky Sanders. She is the Executive Director of Telehealth Services for OPYS Physician Services. Becky came to OPYS with nearly 15 years of experience in rural healthcare and telehealth.

At OPYS, their physicians actively practice in both rural and urban facilities. Experienced in the midwestern rural states, they understand the needs of Critical Access and Community Hospitals. Combined with the experience of leading trauma centers, and tertiary care facilities, OPYS Physicians bring the necessary balance of experience, depth, and integration to our partner hospitals.

We’ll be discussing:

  • Various methods to educate people on the importance of telehealth services

  • Culture change and different movements in the disciplines of telehealth

  • Remote patient monitoring and virtual care

  • Expanding opportunities to have better patient information and better workflow-based outcomes


[1:00] Background of Becky Sanders

[4:13] The growing trends of virtual care in the behavioral health space

[7:32] Tracking and monitoring patient data to improve care outcomes

[9:50] The benefits of adopting telehealth for healthcare facilities

[10:53] The process of identifying the right telehealth solutions for healthcare practices

[12:03] Rapid fire round

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