Innovation in the Teleradiology Industry

November 16, 2021Timothy KelleyHealthTechHealthcareRadiologyTelehealth

In today’s episode, our guest is Timothy Kelley, the CEO of TeleRay. Tim has always been involved in healthcare, he is one of the forefront personalities in providing cutting-edge technology in healthcare imaging.

TeleRay was the first company to combine telehealth and radiology into an image management system on a single platform at a low cost while maintaining the greatest level of security and efficiency.

We’ll be discussing:

  • Medical imaging and the telehealth space

  • The future of medical imaging

  • The teleradiology trends and the advancement of healthcare imaging

  • Teleradiology and COVID-19

  • Bringing artificial intelligence into the radiology space


[00:44] Tim Kelley’s Background

[02:21] An Overview of TeleRay

[04:20] The advancement of technology and its impact on teleradiology

[07:36] The process of reducing time and friction through teleradiology

[09:00] The efficiencies telehealth brings to radiology

[11:25] The uniqueness of TeleRay’s technology

[16:00] The balance in creating hardware and software in teleradiology

[20:54] Leveraging AI in the radiology space

[22:15] Rapid fire round

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