Mixing Technology with Healthcare Staffing

August 31, 2021Cherie KlossHealthTechHealthcareStaffing

This week’s guest is Cherie Kloss, the CEO and Founder of SnapNurse.

A tech-powered staffing platform, SnapNurse quickly and easily connects healthcare facilities with on-demand nurses and allied professionals.

Whether it’s an urgent crisis or a long-term staffing need, SnapNurse can fulfill the staffing requirement in a timely manner while offering flexible contracts to avoid being understaffed or overbooked like traditional methods allow for.

We’re diving into:

  • The challenges of hiring on-demand nurses

  • The convenience and efficiency of having a web based platform for booking nurses

  • How SnapNurse was able to bridge the demand and supply of nurses in the healthcare industry

  • Why fast turnaround time in staffing is crucial in the healthcare space

  • Scaling your business - how to know when it’s time and when to slow down


[00:31] Cherie Kloss’ Background

[01:00] Overview of the current situation in healthcare staffing

[03:40] How SnapNurse’s technology became a gamechanger for on-demand nurses

[08:16] SnapNurse staffing hospital shifts in a short-time frame

[10:00] The leadership behind SnapNurse

[12:20] How to scale your company successfully

[14:20] The importance of creating small markets

[18:33] Obstacles Cherie overcame as a CEO and Founder

[20:45] How to know when it’s time to scale your business

[24:42] Rapid Fire Round

Links to Check Out:

SnapNurse LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/snapnurse

SnapNurse Website: https://snapnurse.com