OpenLoop’s Transition Into The Field of Telehealth and Digital Health Solutions

February 12, 2021Jon Lensing, Curtis Olson & Christian WilliamsHealthTechTelehealthTelemedicine

Founded in January of 2020, the small start-up, OpenLoop, has come a long way. Originally conceived as a service to directly connect clinicians with open jobs, the pandemic forced OpenLoop to pivot. In just one year, OpenLoop has exponentially expanded their reach and their services. Their partner hospitals went from 4 to 26. Their physician number surged from 80 to a 1,000. Join us to see where they plan to take OpenLoop in 2021.

“When a patient has to travel several hours for a doctor’s visit, that’s a burden on the patient and the health system.”

Telehealth has increased by 8,000 to 10,000% [3:40]

When the pandemic hit, physicians and practices were struggling to keep up with the sudden demand for telehealth service and to appropriately staff those services. OpenLoop was faced with the decision to wait and see if things went back to normal or meet the current need for digital health solutions. They chose to dive into the unknown and help organize telehealth to better treat underserved populations. While OpenLoop still operates as a traditional clinician marketplace, 80% of their business is now in telehealth.

“Healing anywhere is our North Star” [9:00]

OpenLoop’s CEO, Jon Lensing, defines OpenLoop’s driving motivation as accelerating the “delivery of medical services, so that we can improve community health outcomes.” OpenLoop started out matching clinicians with part-time opportunities then expanded into the growing field of telehealth. In 2021, OpenLoop plans to continue following their North Star by expanding their placement opportunities to include physicians, offering revenue cycle management, and devising new ways to check clinicians’ credentials. In all that they do, the driving need is to fill gaps, step in where needed, and optimize healthcare delivery.

Jon Lensing on ways the pandemic has revolutionized the healthcare industry [17:05]

The relaxed restrictions on telehealth have made it possible to now manage chronic conditions through telehealth services. Patients can easily be remotely monitored. That’s an immense value for those suffering from debilitating diseases or conditions that put them at a higher risk for COVID-19 complications. While some of the leeway that telehealth has been granted due to the pandemic will probably dissipate, the popularity and practicality of telehealth is undeniable. From here on out, we can expect to see providers offering more and more telehealth options.

OpenLoop powers patient visits [22:45]

When asked to sum up what OpenLoop does in just one sentence, CEO, Jon Lensing replied, “OpenLoop is a fractional clinician marketplace that matches clinicians with open shifts at hospitals, clinics and telehealth companies.” COO, Christian Williams’s reply was even more pointed. He said, “OpenLoop powers patient visits.” And, that’s really what these guys are all about, increasing positive patient outcomes by plugging clinicians in where there’s a need, so that everyone can have access to the healthcare they need.

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