Redefining The Health And Fitness Industry With Made Health And Fitness App with Mike Fedewa

March 03, 2021Mike FedewaHealthTechDigitalHealthFitness

In this episode, we have Dr. Mike Fedewa, he is a researcher in Exercise Science at the University of Alabama. Dr. Ben Fedewa is a board-certified physical therapist in Oakland California. Together, they are Co-Founders of Made Health and Fitness LLC and have developed a simple and accurate tool that can measure muscle and fat from a single picture using your smartphone or tablet. Athletes and weekend-warriors can measure their progress with research-grade accuracy for less than a cup of coffee.

“I think the app is valuable. I think it provides good information. I think it provides accurate information, but by no means is that the only marker of success or the only marker of progress, it's just another tool in the toolbox in a sense with wearables and different apps that are out, I think we have almost in some sense, like an unending ability to measure and track some variable. This is just another marker that we can kind of keep track of.” [11:30]

The process of idea and research before launching the app [2:28]

Research partnerships especially for those who have 3D scanners, also had extensive research and measuring contributing factors like age, gender, ethnicity, movements/exercise that can affect body composition.

Target users for this app [5:33]

People who are in their fitness journey and people who want to lose weight, athletes who were already measuring pretty frequently they're checking in and concerned with not just their weight, what their weight is made of. You don't have to be a professional athlete to be able to monitor your body composition.

The best way to maximize the use of this app? [9:30]

It generates an accurate personal assessment of body composition using just one 2D digital, total-body image taken on a smartphone or tablet. Users can measure and track changes in muscle and fat, rather than inaccurate methods like body weight or Body Mass Index. When compared to sophisticated laboratory methods, MADE’s estimates of body volume and composition demonstrated nearly perfect consistency and research-grade accuracy.

Data collection since 2016 [15:10]

Mike explains they did data collection since 2016 to help them with identifying, tweaking algorithms with contributing factors such as body type.

Mike’s advice for fitness professionals who are looking to incorporate some sort of technology into their fitness journey? [20:00]

Mike explains errors and mistakes help increase success “To trust the data, but recognize that there are limitations with everything, no data that's ever been collected was collected without error".

Mike answers the rapid-fire round of questions [22:00]

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