Revolutionizing Healthcare through Real-time Monitoring with Hitesh Mehta

August 03, 2021Hitesh MehtaHealthTechHealthcareAIWearables

About Hitesh Mehta

Hitesh Mehta is Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Nutromics, a MedTech company focused on continuous real-time molecular monitoring to solve challenges in chronic disease prevention & management, acute disease care, and therapeutic drug monitoring. Hitesh is passionate about bringing innovative new wearables and AI-driven health-tech products to the market. His background in global healthcare consulting and with IBM Watson Health has given him extensive experience in the space.

Why Hitesh broke into healthcare [00:50]

Hitesh shares a bit about his passion for impact driven by personal experiences and global exposure throughout his life. Seeing the diversity in medicine around the globe drew him to consulting on care models and service delivery, then ultimately the vision to create a world with zero preventable deaths sparked Nutromics.

The future of wearables for patient care [05:25]

Hitesh discusses some of the exciting technologies Nutromics is developing for the next evolution in wearables, including continuous glucose monitoring and continuous molecular monitoring devices. One interesting area he digs into revolves around real-time dosing and clinical decision making for a life-saving antibiotic with a narrow therapeutic window.

A glimpse into the product development process [08:00]

Hitesh walks us through his decision making and development process from identifying a clear need to finding the right technology to support it. The two most critical areas he always keeps top-of-mind is ease of use for the patient and valuable data collection for the field.

Vancomycin explained [14:02]

What is this life-saving antibiotic Hitesh keeps mentioning and how is it administered in the proper dosage to heal instead of harm? Hint: thousands of data points being captured constantly influence physician decision making quickly and effectively.

Spreading education globally [16:44]

We’re talking about “area under the curve” and how it applies directly to drugs being used to treat patients worldwide. Hitesh shares some of the ways they’re communicating the need, impact on hospitals, and value opportunity to better serve patients everywhere.

Advice to fellow health-tech companies launching and scaling [25:50]

Hitesh’s best advice: focus on finding the right problem, let the clinical need drive you, and make the target patient front and center. The worst thing you can do is be a technology looking for a solution. One other helpful reminder: look at how resourceful you can be, especially as a startup. You do not need to do it all in-house yourself or keep your innovations a secret. Collaboration, knowledge sharing, and consulting experts benefits everyone.

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