Moda Health - The Health Insurance That’s Right For You And Successful Brand Building with Mehdi Tabrizi

March 24, 2021Mehdi TabriziHealthTechHealthcareInsurance

In this episode, we have Mehdi Tabrizi, who is the Chief Marketing Officer and Managing Director of Innovation & Customer Experience for Moda Inc. He leads the marketing organization for Moda Health and its portfolio of businesses.

“So I think in many ways it's a combination of business technology and creativity. And that's what marketing is about today.” [2:15]

How did Mehdi get into the healthcare space and end up at Moda? [1:00]

Mehdi shared that Moda was his client at first, when he was working in a consultancy and innovation company, then once they finished their first project, he joined Moda to help them build the brand and the marketing capabilities within the organization.

Mehdi's marketing background [2:00]

Mehdi explains that his background comes from marketing and innovation but his original background was as an engineer. He was always very passionate about the business side of things.

What is Moda? [3:00]

Moda is a regional health services organization. It's been around since 1955. It's a very entrepreneurial organization. The core of the business is health insurance, dental insurance, pharmacy business, but they are also expanding to the entire value chain within the context of healthcare.

How Mehdi helps companies building brands [6:00]

He explains that it varies from company to company and also needs to align your brand strategy with the client’s business strategy. More importantly, they need to understand who the audience is.

Strategies and effective campaigns in building brands [9:30]

According to Mehdi, ultimately, content is about creating messaging that's relevant to your audience. So you need to know where your audience is.

What are some obstacles or low challenges that Mehdi faced along the way of actually trying to educate a market and grow a community. [15:00]

They haven't had too many challenges once people really understood the sincerity of what they’re trying to do or who they are. They partnered with a lot of nonprofits organizations and they also helped them to partner with organizations and bring the message of health and a healthier community.

What sort of advice would Mehdi give to other businesses that are looking to build a community and looking to improve the lives of other people and their health and wellness [18:00]

As per Mehdi - "I think part of it has to come from the DNA of the organization. Right? So again, going back to the essence of discovery of who you are and what you're about, and then deciding where you want to also contribute, I think every organization can contribute to the community in different ways and they need to decide what's the most impactful way for them to do that.”

Mehdi answers the rapid-fire round of questions [21:00]

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