Transforming Healthcare Through Technology

August 17, 2021Amihai NeidermanHealthTechHealthcareAI

“If you can automate something, you can do it faster and more efficiently” - Amihai Neiderman

As advanced healthcare technology continues to emerge, extra attention is being paid to existing pain points that it could solve for providers, payers, and patients around the world.

In today’s episode, our guest Amihai Neiderman, CEO and co-founder of Nym Health, discusses the top concerns and proposed solutions around healthcare insurance claims. We’ll be diving into:

  • Causes of mistrust between payers and providers with medical coding

  • The role hospitals and the physicians play in submitting medical insurance claims

  • Inefficiencies in manual vs. automated claim processing

  • Understanding clinical language and explainable AI

Amihai launched a breakthrough technology that enables fully automated and transparent revenue cycle management through direct-to-billing autonomous coding. This technology aims to reduce denials and operational expenses, while accelerating payment-cycles and maximizing audit-readiness.

Key Takeaways

  • Automation allows for increased efficiency and effectiveness by eliminating certain low-value processes or mundane, repetitive work.

  • It’s critical to stay focused on building your core technology and assembling the right team and tools to do it.

  • Remember to have patience. It may take time to see the results and impact of your business, so be prepared mentally and financially.

At a time when novel solutions to improve patient services in healthcare are being disrupted by tech, innovative companies like Nym Health are coming up with advanced patient care options.


[00:00] Intro

[00:44] Amihai Neiderman’s background

[01:51] The start of Nym Health

[04:55] Blending cybersecurity and coding with healthcare

[09:44] Empowering revenue cycle management with technology

[13:03] Amihai’s take on “Man vs. Machine”

[16:15] Advice to fellow health tech entrepreneurs

[16:48] Rapid Fire Round

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