Treating the Whole Person With Patricia Boulogne

July 20, 2021Patricia BoulogneHealthTechHealthcareNutrition

About Dr. Patricia Boulogne

Dr. Patricia Boulogne is a certified functional medicine practitioner, Chiropractor, speaker, coach, and bestselling author. Over the last 35 years, she has dedicated her life to shifting medicine’s focus to treating the whole person in order to drastically improve chronic health issues worldwide.

The Knowledge You Will Uncover From Her Book [5:35]

Dr. Boulogne believes you can fortify your weakest link by first identifying it. She shares some helpful ways to examine how you operate within your environment, pinpoint which items are contributing to poor health, and learn to control and adjust them for all-around improved outcomes.

The Impact She’s Making on Female Leaders [13:40]

Dr. Boulogne sheds light on her background as a female executive and the drive it’s given her to empower others in that role. Listen in as she discusses some of the work she’s doing to help women succeed and lead healthier lives.

Key Indicators Influencing Lives & Long-Term Health Decisions [20:30]

Dr. Boulogne explains the 2190-day rule relating to how long a human naturally takes to adapt to a new habit. We then transition over to the five essential pillars of health that play an important role in leading a healthier life.

Creating Good Habits & Breaking The Bad [25:26]

Dr. Boulogne imparts some guidance for kicking negative habits in your life, while learning to adopt new, positive ones. She also highlights some of the benefits you can reap as a result.

The Ultimate Goal of Her Work [30:22]

Learn how Dr. Boulogne is looking to help busy professionals focus on their whole selves in order to make better decisions and lead more balanced lives. She drives home the importance of sticking to proper nutrition, along with some other must hear wellness initiatives.

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