All You Need To Know About OpenLoop

July 29, 2020Jon Lensing, Christian Williams & Rodney HuTelehealthHealthTechDigitalhealth

In this introductory episode of MedStreet Journal, meet Jon Lensing, the CEO and co-founder of OpenLoop, Christian Williams, the COO, and Rodney Hu, the director of media.

Listen in to learn all you need to, about the OpenLoop platform and how it is going to help not only the physicians but also the community.

Meet Jon Lensing and Christian Williams [0:41]

Jon Lensing is the CEO and co-founder of OpenLoop. He studied sciences in Calvin college, Michigan expecting to go into medicine. He went into plastic surgery but during his last year of residency, he saw an opportunity to address a lot of the inefficiencies on the medical staffing side of healthcare and then build OpenLoop around that.

Meet Christian Williams from small-town Missouri. He went to the University of Colombia where he played football and graduated with a mechanical engineering degree. He left a job as director of IT customer success to chase his startup dreams before meeting Jon and joined OpenLoop to grow business which he believes is going to provide a lot of value in the healthcare community.

What is OpenLoop? [2:16]

Jon saw the existing shortage of doctors in the United States and thought of how they can take the already existing pool of healthcare providers and increase their mobility and make it more transferable between hospital systems. They cover all the areas that need healthcare- opening up and making the pool of resources more fluent. Their vision is to bring healing everywhere while their mission is to improve community health and accelerate deliveries of medical services.

They wanted to create a place where people can see full job details transparent with one on one hospital connections, and then become matched as opposed to staffing agencies. As they got to that point, they found out there was much more going ahead that doctors needed. Even though they may sound like complicated processes, there are ways in which they can be streamlined, automated, and made better through technology to make things more fluid for health providers. They are creating a complex version of the instant delivery of medical providers through technology.

They launched the initial MVP of their platform in December 2019 with a simple matching process that allowed physicians to enrol, give them their basic information plus where they’re and what they’re looking for. They looked for temporary jobs that hospitals had and match them using their preferences and criteria which they were doing in the backend. They started in January their Beta test with about 80 physicians and were generating revenue by late February just testing in Iowa.

They saw an opportunity with COVID-19 to help out their customers and made it free for the months of March and April and saw an explosion. They have since refocused their attention to Midwest and Iowa building up a better system. They’re using customer feedback to build an automated system that will get physicians jobs quicker.

What goals do we have for this podcast? [9:26]

The goal of this podcast is transparency and educating the industry by providing as much value and resources as we can. We will keep you updated with what we’re doing as a company and going out and finding other industry professionals to share their stories.

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