Bailey Earls|2/21/2023|4 min read

13 Telemedicine Newsletters You Should Subscribe To

Covering topics on policy, technology, innovation and news


The virtual care industry is constantly evolving and it can be hard to keep up. For those working in telemedicine, it can feel like you're disconnected without the normal buzz of a clinic or hospital. 

Thankfully, medical newsletters are a great resource to keep you up-to-date on the latest information and they’re designed with busy healthcare professionals in mind. Quick, easy to digest summaries that allow you to get a pulse on news and trends without taking time away from your patients. 

We put together a list of 13 newsletters we think should be on your subscription list. With the healthcare industry changing more than ever, subscribe to ensure the latest is delivered straight to your inbox. Stay informed on policy changes, healthcare technology and news with daily, weekly and monthly emails. 

Telehealth policy


1.  Axios Vitals: Axios

Axios Vitals is brought to you by Axios, a news website focused on presenting efficient coverage of topics shaping the fast-changing world. Axios strives for truth, trust and safety in the news and holds themselves accountable with public guidelines. Axios Vitals is a quick read that gets you the information you need, faster. Keep up with healthcare politics, policy, business and technology Monday through Friday. 

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Modern Healthcare Daily Dose

2.  Daily Dose: Modern Healthcare 

The Daily Dose is brought to you by Modern Healthcare, a leading source in healthcare business, policy and research. Modern Healthcare provides a look into what’s next in healthcare and the impact these issues can have on providers and the industry in order to make informed decisions. They report unbiased news, insights, data and analysis to empower members of the healthcare industry to succeed. The Daily Dose brings updates on policy, tech and developments in the industry. 

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Daily Dive

3. Daily Dive: Healthcare Dive

Daily Dive is brought to you by Healthcare Dive, a leading publication that is operated by Industry Dive (business journalism in a variety of industries). Healthcare Dive provides in-depth coverage of news and insights shaping the healthcare industry. The Daily Dive delivers a deep analysis of original stories; they give you the key takeaways in their brief format. The newsletter covers topics such as policy and regulation, insurance and value-based care Monday through Friday with weekend highlights on Saturday. 

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Healthcare technology

Healthcare IT News Daily

4.  Healthcare IT News 

Healthcare IT News is part of HIMSS Media, a media group that focuses on healthcare and technology. HIMSS Media delivers must have information, news and analytics through its many brands, including Healthcare IT News, MobiHealthNews and Healthcare Finance. Healthcare IT News delivers editorial insights to drive next-generation healthcare daily. Improve your online practice with topics covering AI, Cloud Computing, EHR, security and privacy. 

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Stat Healthtech

5.  Health Tech: Stat News 

Health Tech is brought to you by Stat News, a media company that covers health tech, public health and medicine. They bring you inside academic labs, biotech and political backrooms. Stat News offers a variety of organized and well-crafted newsletters including the Morning Round and Daily Recap. Stat newsletters dive deep into topics such as biotech and drug developments every Tuesday and Thursday. Health Tech also covers innovation and technology development. 

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6. HTN: Health Tech Nerds

Health Tech Nerds (HTN) is run by Kevin O’Leary and Ryan Russell. The two teamed up to build a newsletter that put up-to-date industry changes in front of the health tech community. Health Tech Nerds is a learning community for healthcare business professionals. They aim to support the industry by providing a trusted perspective on health tech news and trends. HTN is a weekly newsletter featuring data, funding, opinion and news. 

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Mobi Health News

7. MobiHealthNews

MobiHealthNews became a part of HIMSS Media, a subsidiary of Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS). MobiHealthNews is a digital health publication that provides news, analysis and data to innovators in the healthcare industry. MobiHealthNews identifies emerging trends in digital health, delivering the latest news to your mailbox daily. 

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Healthcare innovation

MedCity News

8. MedCity News

MedCity News is a leading online news source for the business of healthcare innovation. They help leaders stay on top of the latest policies and new technology by publishing the latest in industry news. The newsletter provides readers with insights into biopharma, digital health, diagnostics and medical devices daily. 

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Beckers HealthCare

9. Becker’s Healthcare: Becker’s Hospital Review

Becker’s Healthcare is brought to you by Becker’s Hospital Review, a hospital and health system publication. They equip healthcare leaders with information to encourage discussion about critical issues in the nursing workforce and health equity. Becker’s Healthcare delivers best practices, business guidance and healthcare news daily. 

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10. The Monthly Checkup: HLTH

The Monthly Checkup is brought to you by HLTH (pronounced “health”), a leading platform focused on health innovation and transformation. Their mission is to gather the health community in purposeful engagements to accelerate healthcare innovation. The Monthly Checkup delivers in depth interviews with HLTH speakers, podcasts and webinars on healthcare. 

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Digital health and telehealth news

Rock Weekly

11.  Rock Weekly: Rock Health

The Rock Weekly is brought to you by Rock Health, a non-profit that equips innovators with the information and resources they need to create digital health. They support start-ups working in digital health and through their consulting practice they help major corporations understand digital health's evolving landscape. The Rock Weekly delivers the latest trends and insights of digital health. 

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12.  mHealthIntelligence 

mHealthIntelligence is part of the Xtelligent Healthcare Media network, a healthcare media company that delivers healthcare and IT content through topic specific media platforms. The network encourages healthcare professionals to succeed by providing news and insights that shape the healthcare industry. mHealthIntelligence publishes the latest content in RPM, telemedicine and connected health. 

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The Loop Clinician Newsletter

13.  The Loop: OpenLoop Health

The Loop is brought to you by OpenLoop Health, a telehealth delivery company with the mission to improve community health outcomes by bridging the care gap. OpenLoop provides telehealth companies and healthcare professionals with the tools, support and expertise they need to improve quality patient care. The Loop features monthly clinician focused content including policy updates, telehealth developments, emerging trends and best practices. 

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