Complete flexibility for your unique workflow

OpenLoop's expansive network of payer coverage paired with our unmatched RCM services is built to strategically streamline your reimbursement and payment process.

Comprehensive 50-State Payer Coverage
Full Range of Specialties
Rapid Credentialing & Payer Enrollment for Clinicians
Telehealth Optimized EHR
Pre- & Post-Payment Audits
White-label Revenue Cycle APIs
600+Nationwide insurance plans including medicare and medicaid

RCM implementation timeline*

Current state overview
Legal & compliance setup
Technical implementation & considerations
Clinical documentation & approvals
System testing
*Dependent on client turnaround time
*Credentialing generally takes 2-4 weeks
*Enrollment can span anywhere from 30-120 days

How you benefit

We set you up for success that scales from day one.

Covered Clinicians in All 50 States

Complete Flexibility

Go from Cash Pay to Coverage

End-to-End RCM

Improve Workflows

Strengthen Compliance

Detect Underpayments

Decrease Denials

  • 250 million patient lives covered
  • Every major insurance payer
  • Incident to billing coverage
  • 600+ insurance plans
  • Mix and match providers for broadest possible patient coverage
  • Brick & mortar or virtual
  • Grow your patient pool
  • Every major speciality covered
  • Your brand presented to patients
  • Eligibility check
  • Prior authorization checks
  • Co-pay collections
  • Patient responsibility collection (co-insurance)
  • Flexible systems & staffing
  • Offload all or portion
  • Effortlessly scale billing operations
  • Expert staff training
  • Ongoing regulatory review
  • Legal & financial frameworks
  • Clinical documentation improvement
  • Negotiated rate codes
  • Increased reimbursements
  • Claims data investigation
  • Systematic audit processes
  • Persistent claims follow through
  • 98% accuracy rate on claims

Raising the virtual care standard

  • Comprehensive 50-state coverage
  • Full range of telehealth codes
  • Virtual care & cash pay focus
  • Comprehensive 50-state coverage
  • Full range of telehealth codes
  • Virtual care & cash pay focus
  • Flexible provider credentialing options
  • Rapid ramp-up that scales
  • Exceeds 80% payer coverage

Recommended add-ons

+ Provider Staffing
  • 50-state clinical coverage
  • NCQA certified
  • Tough-to-fill provider types
  • Industry's fastest staffing
  • Continuity of care
+ Private label Technology Platform
  • Easy to use & fully compliant
  • Optimized for telehealth
  • Smooth API integrations
  • Comprehensive sync & async
  • Booking, payments & reporting
+ Rapid Clinician Licensing
  • Diligent screening & full transparency
  • Flexibility across your clinicians or ours
  • Competitive pricing with no hidden fees
  • Ongoing monitoring & maintenance
  • Financing available

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