Optimize the way you staff and scale

Tap into our nationwide network of certified expert clinicians and a team dedicated to delivering quality of care seamlessly to your patients.

Recruiting Within OpenLoop Network
Scheduling & Payroll
Training & Nurture
Malpractice Coverage
Chief Medical Officer Services
Hybrid Placements

24/7 Nights & Weekends Coverage

Fastest staffing in the industry

Lab Ordering & Approvals
1 Week
Primary Care or Family Medicine
3 Weeks *
*Dependent on state coverage required
Specialty Care
5-7 Weeks *
*Dependent on state coverage & non-business hours required

How you benefit

We set you up for success that scales from day one.

Launch & Scale Fast

Clinician-First Approach

Unrivaled Quality

Ultimate Flexibility

Expert Protocols & Pathways

Proven Telehealth Partner

  • Dedicated recruiters
  • Streamlined approval
  • Rapid ramp-up
  • Thorough vetting
  • Training & onboarding
  • Clinician support hotline
  • No specification too small
  • Constant pulse on your needs
  • Providers aligned to your patients
  • Blend async, sync & in-person visits
  • Evolve provider types over time
  • Scale cost with demand
  • Blend async & sync visits
  • Fully compliant frameworks
  • 360 degree support
  • Provider utilization insights
  • Nationwide payer network
  • Full range of support services
  • Passionate about your growth

Raising the virtual care standard

  • Nationwide payer coverage
  • NCQA certified
  • Tough-to-fill provider types
  • Nationwide payer coverage
  • NCQA certified
  • Tough-to-fill provider types
  • Continuity of care
  • 50-state clinical support
  • Flexible, competitive pricing

Recommended add-ons

+ Nationwide Payer Coverage
  • In-network clinicians
  • 250 million patient lives covered
  • Every major insurance payer
  • Full range of telehealth specialties
  • End-to-end RCM
+ Private Label Technology Platform
  • Easy to use & fully compliant
  • Optimized for telehealth
  • Smooth API integrations
  • Comprehensive sync & async
  • Booking, payments & reporting
+ Rapid Clinician Licensing
  • Diligent screening & full transparency
  • Flexibility across your clinicians or ours
  • Competitive pricing with no hidden fees
  • Ongoing monitoring & maintenance
  • Financing available

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