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Recent Telehealth Trends, Insights and News - December 2022

Five 2023 healthcare IT trends, congress passes Omnibus extension, 94% of consumers satisfied with virtual primary care

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It can be hard to stay on top of all the news, trends, technology and insights breaking through in the digital health space. The industry continues to grow faster each day. That’s why, while you focus on serving your patients, we’ll do the work for you with our monthly telehealth recap. 

Curious about what’s new in telehealth? Stay up-to-date on the recently passed Omnibus Bill extension, telehealth has positive impact in suicide prevention and the five healthcare IT trends for 2023.

Technology, Trends and Insights

Study Shows Telehealth is Greatly Effective in Suicide Prevention

The study, originally published on JMIR Publications, showed that patients who received virtual care were 4.3 times less likely to have suicidal thoughts. The study was done on 8,581 individuals, of which 8,366 received 12 weeks of psychiatric care from Brightside Health and 231 just tracked their symptoms. Read on for a more in depth overview of the study.

Read the full Healthnews article here >>

Industry Voices—The Changing Digital Health Landscape

HLTH was the second largest conference in Las Vegas in 2022. The largest being a meeting of marijuana growers. It’s clear that the industry of digital health has grown tremendously having gained recognition from some of the largest health systems and corporations. This FierceHealthcare article by Julia Berstein compiled five takeaways/observations about where we are today with digital health. 

Read the full FierceHealthcare article here >>

TN Health System to Deploy Wearables for Continuous Inpatient Monitoring

Ardent Health Services is partnering with BioIntelliSense to implement continuous inpatient monitoring through wearable devices to improve clinical intervention according to an mHealth Intelligence article. The aim is to empower clinicians while improving clinical workflows for inpatient care using BioIntelliSense’s BioButton wearable device and its BioCloud analytics engine. 

Read full mHealth Intelligence article here >>

Policy and Regulatory Updates

Senate Passes Omnibus Bill with Health Provisions

The Senate recently passed an amended version of the Omnibus Bill to extend flexibility through to the end of 2024. The article breaks down the amended bill and highlights its key points like paygo sequester, medical rural extenders, telehealth service extensions, physician payment and other medicare provisions. 

Read the full AHA article here >>

Industry Conversations

Will CVS, Amazon and Walgreens Deals Shift the U.S. Healthcare System to a Value-Based Care Model?

These healthcare “disruptors” are making headlines as they start to shift the way the $4 trillion dollar, fee-for-service healthcare market operates. Some think this could trigger a more significant push towards value-based care models in primary care. Read more to find out.

Read full Becker’s Hospital Review article here >>

Telemedicine And Telehealth In 2023 And Beyond: From Leveling Out To Leveling Up

In this article by Forbes, they discuss the future of telemedicine and telehealth in 2023 by breaking it down into several elements; remote patient monitoring, decentralized clinical trials (DCT) and telemedicine. You’ll gain insight on future innovation, where they’re falling short and what they need to do to build and maintain clinician and patient trust.

Read full Forbes article here >>

Growth and Innovation

94% of Consumers are Satisfied with Virtual Primary Care

According to a study recently released by Elevance Health, many Americans want the ability to utilize more digital methods when it comes to managing their health. This article lists key insights found in this study such as familiarity and experience with virtual primary care, chronic conditions and current health practices.

Read the full HIT Consultant article here >>

Digital Health Leaders Discuss Their Key Takeaways from 2022

In this article, digital health executives spotlight the year’s rise of home healthcare, drop in digital health and expanded use of AI. Get a pulse on what executives from companies like J.D. Power, Hinge Health, MyndVR and more are taking away from 2022 and either bringing in or leaving behind in 2023. 

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OpenLoop News

A Guide to Building Interoperability in Telehealth

If you're in healthcare, it’s likely you’ve looked into interoperable system solutions. But, what does building interoperability actually entail and where do you even start? This whitepaper offers a detailed technical overview of interoperability and what it takes to successfully integrate interoperable solutions including five helpful tips for getting started.

Check out the full whitepaper here >>

5 Healthcare IT Trends to Watch for in 2023

Stay one step ahead of the latest healthcare IT trends with these 5 trends to watch out for in 2023. OpenLoop CTO, Curtis Olson, uses his industry expertise and constant pulse on the healthcare IT industry to predict what will be top of mind for the industry and its decision makers. 

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