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12 D2C Digital Healthcare Companies Leading Specialized Care

These are the digital health companies championing more personalized, patient-centric care

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By now, we’re used to the provider-patient telemedicine visits that came out of the pandemic—synchronous video conferencing focused on acute care and ePrescribing. However, the push towards a value-based care model has ushered the emergence of more specialized D2C healthcare companies. 

These companies focus on care services covering women+ health, sexual and reproductive health, chronic disease management, mental and behavioral health and more. As the virtual care world turns to a more personalized care approach, here are some of the companies leading the charge.

Men’s / Women+ health

1. Hims & Hers

It’s likely you’ve already heard of the telehealth company, as they’re one of the bigger ones on the list with a worth of $1.6 billion. The company can be split up into Hims and Hers, the brands focus on men (Hims) and women (Hers) aimed at solving their specific health and wellness needs. 

Men can access treatment plans for issues such as erectile dysfunction (ED), male hair loss, mental health, skin care and more. Hers focuses mainly on mental health, female hair loss and skincare but also offers products to help improve sexual health and wellness. Each treatment plan is made and designed by doctors. Patients can communicate with their assigned provider if they have any questions about their care plan.

2. EverlyWell

Another big one on the list, EverlyWell has seen great success in diagnostics with its at-home hormone kits like their Women’s Health Test. However, their telehealth and virtual care capabilities deserve a mention too. While the company is known most for its women’s and men's health services, it also offers general wellness, weight management and STI treatment and testing. 

EverlyWell also partners with employers to create wellness programs; health plans to close care gaps; clinical trials to spot health trends and diagnostics to launch virtual care programs. Currently, EverlyWell is worth $2.9 billion and growing. 

3. Maven

Maven has been a pioneer in the women+ health movement toward a more individualized and inclusive patient journey in an effort to eliminate care gaps. They focus on women and family health with access to on-demand appointments and specialists to address each patient's unique concerns. 

Their platform encourages compliance among patients using reminders and “proactive interventions” to ensure the best patient outcome. Their recent Series E led to $90 million in funding with investors like CVS Health Ventures, earning them the title of ‘unicorn’ in the startup space. 

4. RedBox Rx

RedBox Rx, a subsidiary of HyVee, focuses on men’s and women’s health by offering services for conditions like erectile dysfunction, UTIs, hair loss and areas of care like mental health and primary care. Their services and prescriptions are offered at an affordable low rate, as a result, they do not accept insurance (HSA and FSA cards are accepted).

Founded in 2002 with their telehealth services added in 2021, RedBox Rx has raised $51.5 million in 3 rounds of funding. 

Weight management / wellness

5. OneLife Health

Onelife is a digital wellness company with the goal of improving overall wellness for health plan members. Patients take a health assessment and are assigned one of the 30 self-guided digital programs built by clinicians. 

Health plans are able to zero in on specific health issues and work on closing care gaps within specific member groups with access to targeted marketing efforts. The platform has been around for 25 years and has serviced 14 million members to-date. 


6. Curology

Curology has made a splash in the digital dermatology space since 2014 and was one of the pioneers of personalized treatment plans in the digital health space. Customers take a quiz to share their skin goals, upload pictures of problem areas and are assigned an individual treatment plan and dermatologist licensed in their state. 

Customers then have access to easy, on-demand messaging to speak with their assigned dermatologist if any questions or concerns arise with their treatment plan. The platform is simple to navigate, making it easy for consumers to find what they need.  

Mental and behavioral health

7. BetterHelp

The digital health platform is focused on mental health was founded in 2013 and has serviced 3.7 million patients since. When landing on their website, you’re navigated to fill out a personalized survey to help BetterHelp understand what concerns or issues you’re looking to address. 

All providers are licensed and accredited to treat mental illnesses and the digital format allows patients to receive care from the comfort of their home. This type of platform also gives the provider a unique look into the patient's own environment, opening up opportunities for more target treatment plans. 


NOCD, a telemedicine company focused on treating OCD, was founded back in 2014. The emergence of specialized digital health companies like NOCD aligns with the industry trend and transition to more value-based care. They offer live, synchronous video sessions with licensed therapists specialized in exposure therapy (ERP). 

Patients can also check to see if they’re covered under one of NOCD’s major payer partners from their website. Their recent series round led to $35 million in funding led by Cigna Venture and 7wireVentures—predicting future growth for the company. 

Chronic care / Diabetes management

9. NextMed

NextMed, founded in 1996, focuses on kidney stone management and uses AI-driven algorithms to help physicians select personalized treatment. NextMed’s team of certified urologists offer patients optimized care plans and bring them into the decision making process. 

The company also services physicians by reducing reimbursement costs and increasing hours while staying committed to high-quality care. Physicians can also access and be trained on NextWave, a device that makes it possible to treat kidney stones in-office instead of a hospital operating room.

10. 9am Health

9am Health offers medical support for pre-diabetes, diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Patients are prompted to complete a health evaluation plan. They then receive a personalized care plan developed by certified providers and endocrinologists. Medications and tests are delivered right to their door in 2-3 days.

The digital health company was founded in 2021 and received $16 million in funding for their Series A round in April of 2022. Their focus on diabetes management caters to a care group that historically has incurred more than double the average medical costs—often without much choice. 9am provides them with a single source to manage their medical needs and prescriptions.

11. Vivante

Vivante focuses on caring for and managing chronic digestive issues. With 70 million Americans dealing with chronic digestive conditions, it's an area of care that deserves more personalized attention. Their platform, GIThrive, gives patients access to 24/7 support from nurses, health coaches and dietitians.

Their most recent funding round resulted in a $16 million Series B led by 7wireVentures bringing their total to $40.8 million raised. 

Primary care

12. Dr. B

Dr. B offers $15 online medical consultation with licensed providers across multiple areas of care. The company offers services in primary care, dermatology, sexual and reproductive health. Patients can even access no-cost care after taking an individualized, good faith assessment of financial hardship defined by the federal government (to adhere with compliance standards).

Founded in 2021, Dr. B began as an online service that matched people with unused Covid-19 vaccines. From their first round of funding in 2022, they were able to raise $8 million backed by Lerer Hippeau, Founders Fund and other investors.

Powering better patient outcomes

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