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Why A Career In Telemedicine Is Right For You

Understanding its key benefits


Whether you're looking to make a career change, want to try something different or just looking for a way to pay off those student loans, telemedicine could be a great next step. 

The flexibility telemedicine offers clinicians can be the difference between a great work-life balance and feeling burnt out. In fact, 36% of clinicians and providers reported improved work-life balance and 30% improved burnout symptoms, according to the National Library of Medicine

If you’re on the fence about taking on a virtual care practice or becoming a locum tenen, read on to learn about the benefits of this growing practice and how it might fit into your life.  

Nearing retirement?

There can be two types of people when one is nearing retirement. Those who wait in anticipation and those who dread its arrival. In the case of healthcare, providers within retirement age are waiting longer and longer to retire. This often leads to burnout and may affect one's mental wellness. 

It can be difficult to transition from working 50+ hours (The Physicians Foundation) a week to pretty much nothing. Having some kind of transition can be helpful for some and that’s where telemedicine’s flexibility comes into play. Telemedicine removes the struggle by providing an option to ease into retirement. It enables healthcare workers to continue working without the hourly constraint and gives them an opportunity to discover new hobbies for life during retirement. 

Clinicians who practice virtual care often work as locum tenens; a provider that is temporarily hired out. This allows them to control where, when and how much they work, but they are not limited to this path. While working in telemedicine, clinicians can explore other passions and hobbies. They can try their hand at volunteer work, consulting, writing, teaching or legal work, to name a few. 

More time with family

Whether you are new or experienced in parenthood, having a work / life balance is crucial for both you and your family. However, the healthcare industry is notorious for long hours and crazy schedules. Not a system that really sets you up for success in your home life. Telemedicine can offer you the flexibility to experience those irreplaceable moments with your family.

Advantages of telemedicine: 

  • Decrease childcare and commuting costs

  • Fewer office distractions

  • Increase productivity

  • Build a better home life

    • Finish projects around the house

    • Healthier lunches and dinners 

    • “Me time”, reading, going to the gym, etc. 

  • Flexibility and availability

    • Breastfeeding

    • School drop-off and pick-up

    • Taking care of sick children

    • Virtual school days

Work-from-home life is not for all parents, some may find it to be more distracting and stressful. However, If you are interested in this route, be sure to test the waters before diving right in. If able to, try working from home a couple days a week with your current employment. Or, schedule a few appointments a week via telehealth. 

Recent graduates and continuing education

Due to the impact of COVID-19, more college students are leaning towards remote work during and after higher education. Remote work provides an opportunity to earn extra income and flexibility to gain experience while staying on top of your studies. Your work would also help reduce the staffing shortage, even if it is only part-time.

Graduates and current students can use the money they earn from virtual care work to help pay off student loans quicker while developing a unique set of skills. Remote work opens a door to new forms of digital engagement and networking. It nurtures independence, time management and entrepreneurial skills. 

Potential jobs in telemedicine: 

  • Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA)

  • Medical Assistant

  • Medical Biller

  • Medical Records Clerk 

  • Medical Scribe

Benefits of telemedicine

Travel aspirations 

Traveling is no longer a dream with increased flexibility and autonomy. With the development of modern telemedicine technology, these tools can be used virtually anywhere, at any time. With multistate licensure, clinicians are able to extend their support to more patients. Clinicians are able to gain diverse knowledge and experience from anywhere around the globe. 

Desire to make a difference

A career in telemedicine makes a difference by: 

  • Reducing staffing shortages

  • Expanding access to healthcare

  • Improving patient outcomes 

  • Providing quality care

Burnout prevention

Before COVID-19, healthcare workers had a high level of burnout and depression, the pandemic only increased those levels. Approximately, 300 to 400 clinicians a year commit suicide in the U.S. alone, according to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Due to the extended hours and strain of the pandemic, clinicians not within retirement age either cut their hours or applied for early retirement. 

Telemedicine reduces clinician burnout by removing some of the drawbacks; strict scheduling, long commutes and limited access to healthcare. Working from home gives clinicians more time to get adequate sleep, eat better and care for their mental/physical health. This reduces stress, anxiety and depression. 

Powering telemedicine for clinicians 

Looking to expand your practice? OpenLoop, thoughtfully pairs leading clinicians with innovative healthcare organizations  providing virtual and in-person care in all 50 states. Our easy-to-use technology was designed with clinicians top-of-mind for seamless scheduling, efficient visits and note charting. With 6,000+ providers already in our clinician network, you can tap into the OpenLoop advantage too with:

  • Nationwide connections

  • Expansive patient network

  • Sync & async options

  • Flexible scheduling

  • Competitive pay

  • Dedicated provider support

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