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Take advantage of OpenLoop's unrivaled NCQA-certified licensing and credentialing services and streamline your provider operations.

Malpractice Coverage
Liability Coverage
Monitoring & Maintenance
Primary Source Verification
Payer Enrollment

Licensing services

Licensing Process
6-8 weeks to complete

*Dependent on client turnaround time
*State processing times can vary

Our team has you covered across:

  • State board licenses
  • DEA licenses

Credentialing services

Credentialing Process

2-4 weeks to complete

Our team has you covered across:

  • Hospital & healthcare facility credentialing
  • Payer plan credentialing
  • Medicare credentialing
  • Medicaid credentialing
  • Background credentialing (VCO)

Diligent and rapid screening

  • Primary source background check
  • Proprietary internet search
  • Education training review
  • Work history
  • Board certification reviews
  • State board reviews & licensing
  • NPI verification
  • Liability coverage
  • Malpractice history
  • Medicaid sanctions review
  • NPDB review
  • OIG sanction and exclusion review
  • Eligibility for Medicare participation
  • Run-loss history
  • Signed attestations

How you benefit

We set you up for success that scales from day one.

Unmatched Speed

Unbeatable Cost

Unrivaled Quality

Compelling Financing

Ongoing Review & Maintenance

Proven Telehealth Partner

  • Dedicated experts
  • Diligent, rapid screening
  • Streamlined applications & renewals
  • Lowest pricing in the industry
  • No hidden expediting fees
  • Complete transparency
  • Detailed weekly status reports
  • 12-month financing of OpenLoop fees
  • No third-party credit needed
  • Regular CAQH profile updates
  • CME monitoring & assistance
  • License standing & renewal reviews to assure no lapses
  • Full range of support services
  • Nationwide payer network

Raising the virtual care standard

  • NCQA certified
  • Full-time licensing team
  • Years of telehealth experience
  • NCQA certified
  • Full-time licensing team
  • Years of telehealth experience
  • 50-state clinical coverage
  • Dedicated credentialing experts
  • Flexible, competitive pricing

Recommended add-ons

+ Provider Staffing
  • 50-state clinical coverage
  • NCQA certified
  • Tough-to-fill provider types
  • Industry's fastest staffing
  • Continuity of care
+ Nationwide Payer Coverage
  • In-network clinicians
  • 250 million patient lives covered
  • Every major insurance payer
  • Full range of telehealth specialties
  • End-to-end RCM
+ Private Label Technology Platform
  • Easy to use & fully compliant
  • Optimized for telehealth
  • Smooth API integrations
  • Comprehensive sync & async
  • Booking, payments & reporting

Ready to streamline your licensing & credentialing?