Carter Lee|4/10/2023|2 min read

OpenLoop Earns LegitScript Certification

OpenLoop announces their Healthcare Merchant Certification from LegitScript

OpenLoop Health earns LegitScript Merchant Certification

DES MOINES, IA | April 10, 2023 - OpenLoop, an expert in nationwide, full-stack telehealth support services, announces their Healthcare Merchant Certification from LegitScript. This certification allows OpenLoop to continue to raise the bar in digital health delivery for their clients and clinicians with one of the highest levels of commercial integrity validation. 

LegitScript is the global leader in merchant monitoring, investigative research, certification and policy expertise over high-risk products and services. They provide a variety of certifications depending on the solutions a company offers. For telehealth companies, the LegitScript Healthcare Merchant Certification is the most commonly strived for. 

The Healthcare Merchant Certification provides a stamp of approval for businesses that facilitate transactions for pharmacies (like Visa and MasterCard), letting them know the company is legitimate and the transaction should be approved. The certification is also a sign to consumers that the provider safely and legally operates their business.

How legit is LegitScript?

Telehealth companies, like OpenLoop, who want to become LegitScript certified must participate in an extensive application and audit process. And after a company is certified, they will continue to undergo ongoing compliance monitoring for as long as they hold the certification. Below is a peek into the extensive LegitScript audit process.

Legal and Compliance

First and foremost, to be LegitScript certified, a company must be who they say they are and have all the necessary documentation to back it. To be considered for certification, applicants must be adequately licensed for all the services they offer and comply with all state and federal regulations that apply to those services. Additionally, depending on the services they provide, their website must adhere to pharmacy licensure, drug safety and supply-chain laws and regulations as well as have an accurate street address for the physical location of the medical practitioners providing medical care or advice. Finally, any medical practitioners must be recognized in the patient’s jurisdiction (unless otherwise permitted by law).

Internal Practices

LegitScript also vets the applicant’s internal practices to ensure all staff and any affiliates have the required qualifications. They make sure that applicants and all those associated with the applicant such as manufacturers, wholesalers, pharmacies (its pharmacists) and medical practitioners have not been subject to significant recent or repeated disciplinary action.

External Practices

LegitScript also examines external practices, such as patient services or treatment practices, during the application process. A business' external practices must adhere to specific standards, including requiring all transmitted information to be considered Protected Health Information (PHI) per HIPAA security requirements. Additionally, if the applicant or their website dispenses prescription drugs, they must require a receipt of a valid prescription prescribed by an authorized person before issuing the drug.

When it comes down to it, LegitScript certification is a powerful way to know when businesses are operating in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations and are trustworthy entities, which is essential in the healthcare industry. This is why OpenLoop is proud to be LegitScript Healthcare Merchant Certified and dedicated to continually improving digital healthcare quality through our services and partnerships.

About OpenLoop

OpenLoop was co-founded by CEO, Dr. Jon Lensing, and COO, Christian Williams, with the vision to bring healing anywhere. The company’s solutions are thoughtfully designed to streamline and simplify go-to-market care delivery for companies offering virtual support to patients across an expansive array of specialties in all 50 states, with patient-friendly insurance coverage. OpenLoop's deep investment in compliant, easy-to-use telehealth technology and top-tier providers is among the advantages that sets them apart in the industry. 

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