Caitlin Clement|10/12/2022|2 min read

OpenLoop Launches New Website Built for Telehealth Companies & Providers

A graphic displaying the OpenLoop company homepage and text to the right saying "new website built for companies and clinicians"

DES MOINES, IA | Oct. 12, 2022 - Over the last six months, the OpenLoop team has been busy building out a brand new website designed to educate and seamlessly partner with their two target audiences: digital health companies seeking telehealth support services and healthcare providers looking for virtual care work. 

OpenLoop’s website refresh includes a personalized user experience starting with the home pages that are built for either companies or clinicians with a bar to toggle between views. That same attention to customization carries across the visitor journey with the ability to browse by digital health vertical, telehealth solution or clinician support service. 

The site is packed full of new content, including blogs, whitepapers, news and videos to explore. It also gives visitors multiple options for getting in touch with an expert on the OpenLoop team, by booking a scoping call directly, submitting an inquiry form or calling to speak with a team member right then and there.

Here are some of the other major changes worth spotlighting. 

NEW Look

Users can expect a polished look with accents of pinks, blues, greens and dynamic graphics featured on every page. Additionally, each of the “About” pages are dotted with photos of real OpenLoop employees and their furry friends in an effort to highlight the people making it happen behind the scenes.

NEW Service offerings

OpenLoop now has comprehensive telehealth support service pages covering everything included in the offerings, timelines to launch, benefits to the client and recommended add-ons across our full stack. The new service pages include:

Provider Staffing

A nationwide network of certified clinicians dedicated to delivering quality and meaningful care.

Technology Platform

Intuitive, API driven, white-label telehealth technology customized for your business and patients.

Payer Coverage & Revenue Cycle Management

An expansive network of payer coverage paired with RCM built to streamline reimbursement and payments.

Licensing & Credentialing

Rapid, NCQA certified licensing and credentialing services for OpenLoop-sourced or clients’ own providers.

Regulatory & Legal

Proven frameworks, industry best practices and regulatory adherence all specific to telehealth compliance.

Practice Management

Upgrade and grow office operations with confidence by offloading daily administrative headaches.

NEW Video Content

Users can now walk through our white-label technology platform from the perspective of a patient, a clinician or a digital health company across package creation, intake forms, appointment scheduling and virtual visits.

The OpenLoop EHR Platform includes:

  • ePrescribing & eLabs

  • Clinician management

  • Booking & payments

  • Sync & async visits

  • Note charting

Updated Careers Page

Looking to make a career change? Visitors can now organize open jobs by department and location (including remote opportunities) to find the position aligned to their qualifications and interests.

Better Navigation

OpenLoop has optimized the way users navigate their website by upgrading internal linking strategy. Visitors can now explore with ease by utilizing relevant and recommended links on each page to enjoy a more curated user journey, customized to their needs. 


About OpenLoop

OpenLoop was co-founded by CEO, Dr. Jon Lensing, and COO, Christian Williams, with the vision to bring healing anywhere. Their solutions are thoughtfully designed to streamline and simplify go-to-market care delivery for companies offering virtual support to patients across an expansive array of specialties in all 50 states, with in-network insurance coverage. OpenLoop's deep investment in compliant, easy-to-use telehealth technology and top-tier providers is what sets them apart in the industry. 

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