Finding the Right Digital Health Solutions for Telehealth Practice

December 28, 2021Sam LippolisHealthcareTelemedicine

In this episode, our guest is Sam Lippolis. Sam, founder of Telehealth Easy, works with clinicians, organizations, and digital health companies using step-by-step methods for scaling a successful telehealth program the right way. She is an OG in telehealth having been in the field since 2010.

Sam specializes in clinical training and has been implementing telemedicine for 12 years, across 19 specialties, and trained over 3,000 clinicians from MA to doctor.

We’ll be discussing:

  • Telemedicine trends as the healthcare industry changed to adapt to the pandemic

  • Establishing opportunities in integrating digital health solutions appropriate for each patient

  • The transition of healthcare from a one-to-one model to a one-to-many model

  • Finding the right digital health approach

  • Optimizing telehealth processes by collaborative work and trial-and-error tests


[1:00] Background of Sam Lippolis

[3:10] Telehealth before and during the pandemic

[5:14] Clinicians maneuvering telehealth by discovering the right approach

[8:02] Educating different companies and healthcare providers in sorting different digital health solutions

[11:16] Using modern technology tools to generate more patients

[15:47] Identifying the problems and pain points in telehealth practice

[16:40] Rapid fire round

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