Revolutionizing the Healthcare Industry with Data

November 23, 2021Adam LortonHealthcareDataTelehealth

In today’s episode, our guest is Adam Lorton. Adam is a healthcare independent data consultant, who helps value-based care executives to solve expensive data problems.

Adam entered the healthcare space on accident and now is completely revolutionizing the industry by introducing algorithms to interpret the data in the medical field.

We’ll be discussing:

  • Integrating data interpretation and analysis in value-based care reimbursement

  • Problems in data and information and finding its solutions

  • Tracking and analyzing data points in value-based care

  • Cognitive bias and the influence of psychology of persuasion in healthcare data aggregation

  • The key roles of AI and machine learning in data management


[01:00] Adam Lorton’s Background

[04:00] Delivering healthcare through value-based care

[08:00] The importance of data in the healthcare industry

[15:00] The Medicare Advantage money machine

[19:00] Creating a simple system for the healthcare industry

[25:00] The importance of tracking and managing data in healthcare

[27:00] Rapid fire round

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