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October 21, 2020Omar ShakerHealthTechHealthcareDigitalHealth

Omar Shaker is the CEO and Founder of Resilient Doctor. He is a medical doctor turned data-science consultant and is very active in the healthcare community. Resilient Doctor operates in Egypt and Nigeria where they work exclusively with doctors.

In this episode of MedStreet Journal, Omar Shaker shares his insight and stories about why he focuses a lot on physician burnout and tackles the solution around it. According to him, the degree to which a doctor can be fatigued is imminent based on his personal experience. This led him to develop and apply functional medicine to decrease risk of burnout - integrating labs and wearables to really quantify doctors' health.

“Doctors aren’t incentivized quite frankly… because the system has turned them into data entry clerks.” [4:35]

Who is Omar Shaker? [01:07]

Omar Shaker graduated from medicine and is a practicing physician in Egypt. His dream was to become a transplant surgeon, so he got a surgery internship. That's when he realized that there are bigger problems surrounding being a doctor - from lifestyle to mental health. He explored his options and got into the data analytics of science. That’s when he started to think of the opportunities in the healthcare industry and develop a solution that helps doctors over their fatigue from nutrition to stress management.

How does Resilient Doctor facilitate their program to help other doctors? [06:19]

Omar said that the very first step is awareness. Second, The Resilient Doctor created a program which is based on lifestyle medicine and function-medicine which would look at the patient holistically. Omar said there are five pillars of human function: nutrition, exercise, stress management, relationship and sleep hygiene. The third step is monitoring through mobile application to help patients stay accountable for their health.

What are the trends observed with physicians using the Resilient Doctor's program? [09:20]

According to Omar, they ask the physicians to rank given elements from 1-10 to which gives them the most stress. Around 75 doctors participated in the survey and the number one in the result was career and the lowest feature was significant others.

How does the Resilient Doctor acknowledge physician burnout? [13:55]

Resilient Doctor's guideline (5 pillars) and health coaching challenges the culture of medicine. As per Omar, most doctors already know their health goals, so the Resilient Doctor is here to help them stay accountable, motivated, and understand the bigger vision of the habits in taking care of yourself.

The role of AI in digital therapeutic industry [18:41]

AI has been around for a long time. Omar said that digital therapeutics, by nature, is the treatment of the future. The combination of virtual care, human touch and constant monitoring through wearable devices and lab results provides not just the full picture of the patient, but also starts to influence the patient’s behavior in a way that can almost guarantee an improvement in their medical condition.

Advice to improve the professional lifestyle [24:35]

Take care of your morning routine. Behavioral change is challenging but, according to Omar, all we need to do is to constantly trick our mind until it becomes automatic behavior. Give the first hour of the morning for yourself.

Omar answers the rapid-fire round of questions. [28:17]

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