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Recent Telehealth Trends, Insights and News - January 2023

6 challenges facing healthcare, NIH launches Home Test to Treat, state-by-state abortion laws

Stay in the loop with OpenLoop's January 2023 telehealth recap

It can be hard to stay on top of all the news, trends, technology and insights breaking through in the digital health space. The industry continues to grow faster each day. That’s why, while you focus on serving your patients, we’ll do the work for you with our monthly telehealth recap. 

Curious about what’s new in telemedicine? Stay up-to-date on the six challenges facing healthcare, NIH launch of their Home Test to Treat telehealth program, state-by-state abortion laws and OpenLoop's acquisition of ReliantM.D's practice group.

Technology, Trends and Insights

What to Look For In Health Tech In 2023

Managed Healthcare Executive interviews leaders in healthcare technology about what they expect to see in 2023. The article includes topics like the resurgence of preventative care, more direct-to-consumer health analytics, patient health insurance literacy and more. 

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The 6 Challenges Facing Healthcare in 2023—And How to Handle Them

Modern Healthcare outlines 6 problems health care is likely to see in 2023 and what leaders can do about them. A few of these problems include continued financial difficulties, health system mergers, establishing health equity standards and digital health investments.

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Trends That Defined The Health Tech Space In 2022

In this article by Forbes, they revisit the major trends in 2022 that will define the healthcare tech landscape into 2023. It includes trends such as artificial intelligence, virtual care services, remote patient monitoring and wearables as well as what new trends are on the horizon.

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Policy and Regulatory Updates

Private Payers Reimbursed Telehealth, In-Person Care Equally in 2023

The researchers used 2020 Health Care Cost Institute (HCCI) data to assess average paid amounts for evaluation and management claims and mental health therapy claims. After controlling for differences, the results showed that telehealth and in-person care payments were nearly equal. The article further breaks down the 2020 payments based on severity level, where it shows some slight differences as well as offers some insight into continued reimbursements.

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Industry Conversations

Can Telemedicine Produce a Successful Preventative Care Program?

This article by HealthcareIT, Gary Hamilton, CEO of InteliChaert, believes telemedicine tools can ensure that physicians and their care teams can better manage patient care. In this interview, Hamilton touches on telemedicine’s ability to create successful preventative care by filling healthcare gaps and becoming a tool to help with value-based care.

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Telemedicine Could Help the World Achieve Health Equity by Bringing Care to the Home - Here's How

The World Economic Forum sees potential in telemedicine’s ability to be a tool towards achieving better global health equity. Some arguments for this include the option of remote patient management as a low-cost delivery tool compared to in-person care as well as applying data science technologies to personalize care and predict outcomes. Read on to learn more about how telemedicine could enable better global health equity.

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Growth and innovation

NIH Launches Home Test to Treat, a Pilot COVID-19 Telehealth Program

The National Institutes of Health (NIH), in collaboration with the Administration for Strategic Preparedness and Response (ASPR) in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, has launched the Home Test to Treat program. It’s an entirely virtual community health intervention that will provide free COVID-19 health services—at-home rapid tests, telehealth sessions and at-home treatments—in selected communities. Read on for more details about the program. 

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OpenLoop News

OpenLoop Acquires Reliant M.D Practice Group

This acquisition allows OpenLoop to continue to expand the depth of its clinical services and further confirms its place as a leader in digital and hybrid healthcare delivery. For Reliant Immune Diagnostics, Inc. the sale allows Reliant to focus on its technology offerings and continue expanding its portfolio of technology-centric patient care solutions.

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State-by-State Abortion Laws & Regulations: Interactive Map

Our interactive map provides an updated state-by-state look at the current laws and regulations surrounding abortion. Users can select any state to see details about abortion policies, bans, restrictions and protections.

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Telehealth Policies Currently in Congress

Stay updated on all the telehealth bills and policies that are currently being discussed in Congress. From the omnibus bill to removing geographical telehealth requirements, you’ll have a pulse on what’s going on up at capital hill.

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