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The 10 Best Mental Health Apps on the Market

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the 10 best mental health apps on the market

The use of telehealth and digital technology to help treat mental health illnesses has shown tremendous promise in the last decade. However, just like most health technologies, the use of apps and telehealth to treat mental health skyrocketed during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The convenience and affordability virtual care offers made mental health services more accessible to the wider population. Due to the de-stigmatization of the practice, additional tools were needed to help mental health professionals keep up with the now high demand. Remote technology like health apps have given mental health providers the tools and platforms to offer patients more curated resources and therapies.

Here are ten of the best mental health apps found on the market today. 


1. Talkspace (~$150 per live session)

While one of the more expensive ones on this list, it does provide access to a real-time mental health professional with customizable plans. 

Talkspace is a popular online therapy app that connects users with licensed therapists. It offers text, audio and video messaging options and has received positive reviews for its accessibility, affordability and convenience.


2. Moodfit

Moodfit is a mental health app that provides users with personalized self-care plans based on their mental health goals. It includes a mood tracker, goal-setting tools and self-care activities and has been successful in helping users improve their mental health outcomes. They were selected as the best overall mental health app by Verywell Mind in 2020, 2021 and 2022. 


3. Calm ($14.99/month)

According to the Sleep Foundation, roughly 50 to 70 million people have ongoing sleep disorders.

Calm is a meditation and relaxation app that provides guided meditations, sleep stories and breathing exercises. It has been successful in helping users manage stress, anxiety and sleep disorders. Its sleep stories also include celebrity narrations from the likes of Harry Styles to Kate Winslet. 


4. Headspace ($69.99/year or $12.99/month)

Headspace is another meditation app that provides guided meditations and mindfulness exercises. It has been shown to improve mental health outcomes, including reduced stress and anxiety and improved mood and well-being. 


4. Sanvello ($8.99/month)

Sanvello is a mental health app that provides users with tools and resources for managing stress, anxiety and depression. It includes guided meditations, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) exercises and peer support groups and has been shown to improve mental health outcomes. 

There is a free version of Sanvello, but to access most of their tools requires a paid subscription. The app is also not available in every U.S. state.


5. Happify ($14.99/month, $139.99/year)

Happify is developed by therapists and powered by AI technology. The goal of the app is to reduce stress and anxiety while fueling positive thoughts through fun, evidence based games and activities. The app, like most, is subscription based in order to access all the tools but there is also a free version available. 


6. PTSD Coach (FREE)

PTSD Coach is an app designed for veterans and individuals with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) by the VA. It provides users with education, resources and tools for managing symptoms and has been successful in helping users improve their quality of life. The app offers both English and Spanish as well as a mobile and desktop version.


7. I Am Sober ($9.99/month, $27.49/6 months or $39.99/year)

I Am Sober offers its users a way to track milestones on the road to recovery, from a sober day tracker to calculators that show you how much you’ve accomplished since becoming sober. If you opt for the premium version, you can even gain access to a support community and cheer each other on.


8. Worry Watch ($2.99/monthly, $11.99/Month)

Worry Watch is an affordable app that helps users track their anxiety over time. Features include a password-protected guided journal, positive affirmations and visual charts that help users identify their anxiety triggers and patterns in order to find effective coping strategies. The app is free to download but does include a monthly or yearly subscription that gives users access to password protected privacy and unlimited journal entries. 


9. Youper (Starts at $36/month)

Youper is a mental health app that uses artificial intelligence to provide users with personalized support and feedback. It includes cognitive-behavioral therapy exercises, mindfulness exercises and emotional support, and has been successful in improving users' mental health outcomes. 

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