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What We’re Looking Forward To At ViVE 2024

CEO, Jon Lensing, CMO, Mohit Joshipura and Senior Director of Commercial, Bailey Hawn take on ViVE 2024

Connect with the OpenLoop team at ViVE 2024

We’re coming to ViVE 2024! Our team is excited to once again be a part of this year’s attendee list. OpenLoop CEO Jon Lensing, CMO Mohit Joshipura and Senior Director of Commercial Bailey Hawn can’t wait to connect with other brilliant executives looking to expand their healthcare services. 

The event is going to be jam-packed with innovative sessions and networking opportunities. Here are some must-attend happy hours and meetups from Healthie, Primetime Ventures and more!

Next Gen: The Role of Virtual-First Care (V1C) to Uplevel Care Delivery

Sunday, February 25th | 1 - 3 PM, EST

Location: LACC, Lvl 2, Room 409AB

In this three-part session, brilliant industry leaders explore the role of V1C as a pivotal component in managed care strategies; examine novel care models that seamlessly integrate virtual and brick-and-mortar providers, fostering collaboration for comprehensive care; and how V1C offers a flexible solution to meet patients where they are while providing a broad array of high-quality healthcare services.

It’s a ViVE!

Sunday, February 25th | 5:30 - 8 PM, EST

​The OpenLoop team will be joining Upfront Ventures, Healthtech Hang, Pepper and SVB for a kickoff Happy Hour for the ViVE Healthcare Conference (invite only). If you’re also attending, make sure to come chat and say hello!

Back to the Future of Healthcare: Tomorrow’s EHR Landscape

Monday, February 26th | 3 - 3:45 PM, EST

Location: LACC, Show Floor, Venice Beach Stage

Over a decade has passed since the advent of the meaningful use of electronic health records (EHRs) and their pivotal role in shaping healthcare. But what’s next for the technology? EVP and COO of MediTech, Helen Waters, EVP of Oracle, Mike Sicilia and Director of R&D at Epic, Trevor Berceau will discuss how advanced EHRs can enhance communication and streamline workflows with features like patient portals, interoperability and AI. 

VBC Has a Way with Speciality Care

Monday, February 26th | 4:00 - 4:45 PM, EST

Location: LACC, Show Floor, Venice Beach Stage

The evolution of value-based care in the specialty care space has been dominated by the emergence of episode-based payment models. Although some of these episode-based models have demonstrated cost savings, their standalone and payer-specific nature poses challenges for cohesive health system planning. Join specialty care leaders CMO of DeVita, Amy Schuerman-Gen; Chief Health Officer & SVP of Oncology Care Partners, Chevon Rariy, MD; CGO of Brave Health, Jay Taylor; and CMO of Oshi Health, Sameer Berry, MD as they take on the challenge and discuss what it’ll take to stand up these VBC models and break the habit of fee-for-service incentives.  

The Cocktail Hour

Monday, February 26th | 4 - 7 PM, EST

Start your night off with a bang at The Cocktail Hour (invite only), the irresistible prelude to an evening of great food, delightful cocktails and unparalleled connections! Join Healthie, Alvarez Search, Sage Growth Partners, Slice of Healthcare and Light-it at this exclusive event catering to investors, founders and startup leaders in the healthcare community.

ViVE Happy Hour - Munich Re Ventures x Primetime Partners

Monday, February 26th | 4 - 7 PM, EST

The OpenLoop team will join Munich Re Ventures and Primetime Partners for drinks, bites, and great conversations with the Digital Health community alongside the ViVE Conference. Attending the Happy Hour? Come say hello!

From Hospitals to Hollywood: The Rise of GLP-1’s

Tuesday, February 27th | 9 - 9:45 AM, EST

Location: LACC, Show Floor, Sunset Strip Stage

GLP-1s blasted into stardom in 2023 as public perception of weight loss went away from simply having a lack of willpower.  Do these weight loss drugs have the ability to create long lasting change in patient’s lives? And is the price tag justified by the outcomes, or are we in for a disappointing ending? Amidst escalating prices, the mounting pressure on health insurers, employers, states and Medicare to cover these drugs has also intensified. Can the healthcare industry come up with a more sustainable model to cover the costs and monitor efficacy and ultimately, curb the trajectory of obesity rates?

Generative AI: The Provider, The Entrepreneur, The Inventor and The Practitioner

Tuesday, February 27th | 12 - 12:35 PM, EST

Location: LACC, Show Floor, Main Stage

This session will discuss the major disconnect between Generative AI’s potential and public skepticism. Although warranted, fear and anxiety surrounding these technological advances seem to be a roadblock to unleashing its full power. What responsibility do technologists have to bridge this gap between the ‘what if ‘and the ‘here and now’? Further, what are some real world AI wins in the healthcare industry that we can point to as plausible examples of this technology’s capabilities? Join SVP and CIO of Boston Children’s Hospital, John Brownstein, MD; Head of Strategic Partnerships at OpenAI, Lane Dilg; CEO and Co-Founder of Abridge, Shiv Rao, MD; and CEO and Founder of Bayesian Health, Suchi Saria, PhD as they cover Gen AI’s impact on healthcare in the short and long term and get real about what this all means for our industry’s future. 

This Season’s Hottest Accessory Trend: Health Tech

Tuesday, February 27th | 2 - 2:45 PM, EST

Location: LACC, Show Floor, Hollywood Stage

Who doesn’t want to know about the latest trends? Our healthcare landscape has traditionally operated in a more rigid siloed way, but with the adoption of wearable and remote patient monitoring technology, this is slowly changing. Join industry experts Managing Director, Strategic Health Solutions at Google Health, Amy McDonough; Chief Science and Medical Officer of Verily, Andrew Trister, MD, PhD; EVP and Group President, Medical Devices at Abbott, Lisa Earnhardt; and SVP and Chief Digital Officer of Eli Lilly and Company, Rich Carter as they discuss how the integration of wearables and other remote technologies can empower clinicians and doctors with highly actionable data that prioritizes a more person-centered approach.

Health Tech Showcase: What’s Up Next

Wednesday, February 28th | 10 - 12 AM, EST

Location: LACC, Show Floor, Sunset Strip Stage

ViVE 2024 is all about innovation right? How could our team leave without checking out what’s next in health tech? We couldn’t! Which is why we’re particularly excited to attend this showcase focused on presenting forward-looking tech solutions from featured companies in the digital health space. We can’t wait to see what Providence, Included Health, Butterfly Network, Atera, Plume, Health Data Analytics Institute and Cleveland Clinic have in store!

Powering Innovative Digital Health Solutions

OpenLoop, a leader in digital health solutions, is passionate about building better health outcomes and promoting patient-centered care for our clients through a full suite of industry-leading services. We’re always looking for new opportunities and partners with an eye toward the future to help further our vision of healthcare anywhere, anytime. Attending ViVE and interested in learning more? Reach out to our team here!

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