A Healthcare Marketing Agency that Wins Patients, Grows Revenue and Enhances Your Reputation with Healthcare Success and CEO Stewart Gandolf

March 17, 2021Stewart GandolfHealthTechHealthcareMarketing

In this episode, we have Stewart Gandolf and we talked about Healthcare Success which specializes in getting their clients results. Their clients are typically hospitals, medical practices, other healthcare networks, and medical manufacturers who want to reach patients. Their company has three divisions: Education, Consulting, and a full-service healthcare marketing Agency.

“I'd always been kind of an entrepreneur at heart.” [7:15]

Who is Stewart Gandolf and how did he get into the healthcare industry? [1:00]

Stewart Gandolf is CEO of Healthcare Success, a leading integrated agency that serves healthcare clients like health systems, hospitals, health plans, pharmaceuticals, medical device, consumer goods and multilocation practices.

What made Stewart decide to start his own company? [4:00]

The root of his decision is his deep background in marketing and because he’s always been kind of an entrepreneur at heart.

How did Stewart develop skills such as content marketing? [8:00]

Stewart loves teaching, leading groups, interacting and communicating with his team ethically and gave the advice to pick a niche that you think you can dominate and you're passionate about.

Applying content marketing in the business [16:18]

Stewart shares that ethics and bringing his personality into writing content are really important.

Stewart’s do's and don’ts for pulling up content for doctors and in general [20:16]

What sort of transformation does Stewart do with his customers/clients? [28:05]

Relevant Links:

Website: https://healthcaresuccess.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HealthcareSuccess

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/stewartgandolf

Twitter: https://twitter.com/StewartGandolf