A Modern API for Healthcare with Brendan Keeler

February 17, 2021Brendan KeelerHealthTechTelehealthTelemedicine

In this episode, we talked about how Brendan Keeler started his journey in healthcare and we discussed Redox - a modern API for healthcare, they enable best-in-class software to easily and securely interoperate with EHRs. By connecting to Redox once, digital cloud applications can utilize existing infrastructure to integrate with any health system and augment the quality and scope of patient care. Redox is the leading integration platform with an ecosystem powering hundreds of enterprise healthcare applications.

Who is Brendan Keeler? [1:03]

Brendan is an experienced global project and product manager with a focus on interfacing and integrating healthcare systems. He pushes beyond those boundaries with a strong comprehension of healthcare clinical and nancial workers and experience leading non-interface areas of implementations. He has a deep technical understanding of developing, certifying, implementing, and supporting all relevant industry standards and methodologies and is passionate about enabling interoperability between healthcare organizations and cultivating a fun, positive work culture. Brendan has been at Redox over two years.

Redox as EHR integration and healthcare interoperability [3:01]

Brendan explains that “if you think about a healthcare organization, whether it's like a small doctor's office, or a big health, healthcare integrated delivery network, they have that main piece of software, the electronic health record, like an Epic, or Cerner.

Brendan’s responsibility as Redox product manager [5:30]

As a product manager, Brendan works with an engineering team. So enabling the pulling of patient records nationwide was his first thing that sort of worked on as he made his way into product. And working with their engineering team, helping them understand the business requirements and produce the right development is really the role of the product manager.

Redox recent accomplishments [14:55]

Redox passed 1000 health systems and top 20 hospitals in the country are now connected to Redox.

How can other companies connect with Redox? [17:27]

Brendan explains that companies that have a sale and need to implement, knowing that they need some sort of integration. And that might be as simple as, he can synchronize the demographics as an example and that’s how they can start engage with Redox.

Redox recent challenges faced before getting 1000 health systems [18:41]

Slow down and lay-offs due to COVID 19.

Brendan’s advice to healthcare professionals who are looking to get their technology out in front of other healthcare organizations? [22:35]

Always get connected with healthcare professional groups, even virtually.

Brendan answers the rapid fire questions [26:30]

Relevant Links:

Website: https://www.redoxengine.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brendan-keeler

Handles: @Redox @healthbjk