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July 29, 2020Jon Lensing, Christian Williams & Rodney HuTelehealthHealthTechDigitalhealth

In the premier episode of the MedStreet Journal, we’re introducing ourselves and our sponsors, OpenLoop Health. They’re a fractional clinician marketplace founded in Des Moines, Iowa powering telehealth companies across all 50 states.

Listen in as we chat with their CEO & Co-Founder, Jon Lensing, and COO & Co-Founder, Christian Williams, about the company’s history, vision, and roadmap. Plus, gain a glimpse into what’s to come for the MedStreet Journal podcast.

Meet Jon Lensing and Christian Williams [0:41]

Jon Lensing, MD studied Biology and Biochemistry at Calvin University before attending medical school at the University of Iowa. He had planned to pursue a career in plastic surgery, but couldn’t resist the pull towards bridging the rural healthcare gap. With a big idea to address medical staffing inefficiencies everywhere, he shifted gears to improving healthcare delivery.

Christian Williams was raised in small-town Missouri. He went to the University of Missouri-Columbia where he played football and graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He left a job as the Director of IT Partner Success at a large, well-known enterprise to focus on work that could make a real impact for the population it serves, bringing him to Jon and OpenLoop.

Who is OpenLoop? [2:16]

OpenLoop was created from Jon’s vision to tap into the existing pool of healthcare providers across the US, and increase their mobility between hospital systems to narrow the shortage of physicians, nurses, and specialists available to serve patients. Their mission is to bring healing anywhere, while improving community health and accelerating the delivery of medical services.

Jon and Christian wanted to create a place where clinicians can view fully transparent job openings and be matched with hospitals, clinics, and telehealth companies aligned to their values and schedules (oftentimes locum tenens). On the flipside, there was a void for a vast network of multi-state licensed clinicians that organizations delivering care could pull from to act as an extension of their teams and serve their patients.

OpenLoop launched the initial MVP of their platform in December 2019 with a simple matching process that looked for temporary jobs onsite in Iowa hospitals, and matched clinicians to those positions using their unique preferences and criteria. Beta began in January with about 80 physicians, and the company was generating revenue by late February.

A major opportunity was presented when COVID-19 hit that Spring, so OpenLoop offered up free assistance throughout peak pandemic to care providers who needed help staffing, testing, and consulting with patients. Since then, the company has set its sights on powering the launching and scaling of telehealth services across the US.

What is the MedStreet Journal Podcast? [9:26]

The MedStreet Journal is a health-tech podcast dedicated to spreading education and awareness of innovators in healthcare delivery.

We will be bringing on experts across the healthcare space to share stories, insights, and inspiration for our listeners. Telehealth, wearables, software development, manufacturing, and mental health are just a few of the topics we’ll be covering in the coming months. So, stay tuned!

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