Breakthrough Technology in the Drug Delivery System

September 07, 2021Don TurnerHealthTechHealthcarePharmaceuticals

In today’s episode, our guest is Don Turner, the Chairman and CEO of Neosinus Health which has commercialized a fully integrated platform for optimizing drug delivery and health outcomes.

The company is playing a leadership role in advancing high-potential existing drugs for new indications and developing a new and innovative class of brain drugs that will address the largest global health burden and finally deliver new therapies that have been unattainable for many decades.

We’ll be diving into:

  • Barriers that impeded drugs in the history of the world

  • The future of medicine through intranasal delivery

  • Why delivering a drug to the brain is a big challenge

  • Different drug delivery systems available right now and how they work (or not)

  • Who can benefit from Neosinus Health’s technology


[01:50] Don Turner’s Background

[04:00] How Neosinus Health started and became a powerhouse Biotech company

[09:45] The First Pass Effect and why it’s problematic

[13:00] Intravenous drug delivery: Is it really the most effective way?

[14:15] Transdermal patch: What is it and what does it do?

[15:10] Intranasal delivery: The future of medicine

[18:45] Who intranasal delivery can benefit and why

[20:48] Why Neosinus Health’s technology is a game changer in the Healthcare industry

[36:10] Who can benefit from the new technology?

[40:00] The anatomy behind Neosinus Health’s technology and why it works

[47:55] Rapid Fire Round

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