Building School-Based Health Programs

September 28, 2021Molly TicknorHealthTechHealthcareEducation

In today’s episode, Molly Ticknor, an executive director at Show-Me School-Based Health Alliance of Missouri, discusses the health care gaps and the lack of equitable access to youth-care in Missouri.

The organization collaborates with school districts and the community to help build and sustain quality school-based healthcare programs and meet the demand of quality healthcare services to youth in the area.

We’ll be discussing:

  • Policy on school-based health programs

  • Creating systemic change for equitable access in healthcare for kids in Missouri

  • Importance of having a school-based health care system

  • Providing technical support and peer to peer networking healthcare programs

  • How the pandemic shifted the company’s delivery program

  • Integration of telehealth services


[00:25] Background of Molly Ticknor

[05:00] The importance of having a school-based health care system

[08:06] How these school-based programs maneuvered through the pandemic

[13:13] The integration of Telehealth in school-based programs

[14:00] Introduction of school-based Tele-mental programs

[16:42] The long-term goal of the Alliance

[19:29] Challenges and obstacles in implementing school-based healthcare programs

[21:41] Rapid fire round

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