Connecting as a Human Being and Not Just a Patient with Muthu Krishnan

October 02, 2020Muthu KrishnanHealthTechDigitalHealthHealthcare Technology

Muthu Krishnan is the President and CEO of the AI-assisted patient engagement platform, Kencor Health Inc. For over 16 years, he has been in the healthcare industry continuously learning and innovating ways on how to give patients the simplest form of assistance while keeping their engagement.

In this episode of Med Street Journal, Muthu Krishnan will share his knowledge combined with his broad experience to help us see through the importance of developing a technology that helps people and engage with them as a person and not just as a patient.

“Every hospital in the country has an innovation center. An advice to the professionals and entrepreneurs who are thinking of getting into healthcare, I think 2020 and moving forward, [healthcare] is one of the best industries to be in.” [11:07]

Who is Muthu Krishnan? [00:51]

He has been in the healthcare industry for over 16 years working with experts in the field. As he mentioned, getting in healthcare was a pure accident for him but being natural in having the passion for the industry has worked its way to him. The expertise of the people around him has helped him learn and understand what he wanted in his career - creating a successful healthcare journey.

What is Kencor Health? [4:06]

Kencor Health Inc started in 2016. Having a vast experience in healthcare, he has joined hands together with their CTO who takes care of the product. Kencor Health focuses on providing a simplistic platform that connects the patients and the hospital team members. It is easy to use and most engaging to the patients, getting the connection established by sending the data back to the electronic medical record without any hassle to both parties.

What were the opportunities Muthu noticed in the healthcare industry? [06:30]

According to Muthu there were four opportunities that he noticed in the air which led him to the idea for a patient engagement AI assisted platform and these were the following: Why do patients have to come to the hospital or the clinic for normal and basic checkup such as checking vitals, heart rates, etc. Opportunity to innovate virtual consultations between the patients and the doctors via video conference. The need for more technology innovation.

Who and what is SAMi? [12:30]

SAMi is a virtual companion for patients and virtual assistants for hospital team members. It’s a very developed artificial intelligence that would help patients be reminded to take their medications, track their progress, or guide them whether to take their vitals. These data will be automatically synced to the HIPAA compliant cloud storage and is synced real-time for the hospital members to check and track too.

According to Muthu, SAMi is the mediator between the patients and the medical experts so they will have a seamless communication allowing less to no hassle for both parties.

What else is Kencor wHealth working on? [17:30]

Muthu said that Kencor Health is getting into Oncology and virtual clinical trial marketplace. They are working on a solution to provide innovative ways in remote patient monitoring such as getting to pharma clinical trial space.

Muthu Krishnan answers the rapid-fire round of questions. [19:01]

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