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May 05, 2021Amiad FredmanHealthTechHealthcareVR

Meet Amiad Fredman, a man who advocates for the benefit of the gaming world to health. Amiad is the Chief Medical Officer at Aegis Digital Health which is focused on clinical product development and forging the path to market for digital health start-ups. In today's episode, we discuss the usefulness of virtual reality technology in the medical world with Amiad.

“But one thing I think that video games have to teach us about education is a very important concept. And that is in video games. Failing is fun and failing is a part of the process. You can't have a game without failing. And it's not like you play a game and you know, you're going along as your character and you die, you get game over and you're like, oh man, I'm done.” [3:08]

Who is Amiad Fredman? [00:46]

Amiad is the Chief Medical Officer at Aegis Digital Health. He is focused on clinical product development and making the path to market for digital health start-ups in a faster and more efficient manner. On top of that, he is the instigator of the #gamesforhealth podcast which is all about figuring out how video games and technology can be utilized in improving one’s health.

Amiad talks about his journey to digital health while still in medical school [1:00]

Amiad is quick to highlight what he does. He continues to talk about his medical school journey and how he combined his healthcare, patient care, and technology passion. He talks of working with a virtual reality company and at that point, he became quite confident that this was what he wanted to specialize in.

Amiad talks of failure being a stepping stone to success as showcased in games [2:15]

He talks of gaming and failing to be coupled up. Failing should be an encouragement to get yourself up and try again until you succeed. He makes it clear that the whole education system where failure is punished needs to learn a few things from the video game concept.

Amiad talks of virtual reality companies in the health sector [7:57]

Amiad talks about Level X, a company that is geared towards making video games for doctors. He mentions some of the games such as Airway, GI, and Cardio. He also mentions that currently, they are working on some interesting products set to be released in the coming months.

Amiad talks of games relating to real-life health situations and how they have positively impacted his career [10:55]

He talks of a game called ‘Before I Forget’, which is about a woman suffering from dementia and it makes you feel like you are living with dementia in real life. He adds that he has treated a couple of dementia students and says that he now understands the patients better after playing the game and it would be a big step forward if this technology was to be adopted in medical schools.

Amiad's advice to anyone who wants to get into video games in the health care market [24:39]

Amiad states that it is much easier when you have someone you share similar interests with. You can reach him via his email or just reach him on Twitter, YouTube or LinkedIn. He adds that what you bring to the table as a medical expert is extremely valuable to the virtual reality field.

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