Healthcare’s Role in the Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical and Cannabis Industries with Martha Futterman-Troop

July 06, 2021Martha Futterman-TroopHealthTechHealthcarePharmaceuticals

“My advice to other people in the medical field is to keep abreast of the trends, listen to what's going on, be a part of the professional societies...and listen to what people are saying.” [23:40]

About Martha Futterman-Troop

Martha Futterman-Troop is a pharmaceutical and homeopathic sales executive with more than 15 years’ experience in rheumatology, sports medicine, orthopedics, neurology, and cardiology. Martha is currently the Director of Business Development at CapsCanada / LyfeGroup, leading global pharmaceutical manufacturers that apply cutting-edge technology and medical research to tackle complex challenges in healthcare and enhance quality of life for patients.

Product Spotlight [2:44]

We chat about one of the most exciting products Martha’s team is working to launch - the delivery of empty hard-shell capsules in both vegetarian and gelatin forms to the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical manufacturers they partner with.

Capsule Trends [5:11]

Martha discusses the journey to and the need for plant-based capsules and interior capsules, targeting capsules that make it all the way through digestion and into the lower intestine.

Adapting New Technology To Better Serve Changing Patient Requirements [11:43]

We discuss the constant evolution of her industry to meet changing patient demands around comfort, ease of use, and even taste.

New Drug Adoption [18:15]

Martha walks us through what needs to happen in order for a new drug to hit wide adoption, including the complex machinery behind the scenes allowing for mass production and distribution worldwide.

Advice For Fellow Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Companies [24:50]

Martha shares some proven advice for her peers in the industry as they launch and scale operations. Hint: the courage to ask for help and the ability to listen actively are both powerful tools.

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