Immersive Digital Therapies for Seniors with Cognitive Impairment with Maor Cohen

June 23, 2021Maor CohenHealthTechHealthcareTherapy

“But everyone is using technology...what we've really tried to do is design it in a way so that it can easily be used.” [24:00]

Who is Maor Cohen?

Meet Maor Cohen, the man empowering seniors and their caregivers through virtual reality.

Maor Cohen is the CEO and Co-Founder of n*gram health, a company developing therapeutic VR experiences that improve the quality of life for seniors with cognitive impairment, along with their families and caregivers.

The impact they are making [3:12]

Maor shares some of the unique challenges they’ve faced and the ways they’re overcoming them through data-driven insights. Hint: their success lies in a combination of proven non-drug approaches and immersive technology.

Steps for collecting data and incorporating key insights [14:56]

Maor walks us through his process for collecting data and feedback throughout app development, and the importance of weaving those insights into product every step of the way.

Trend predictions to watch [19:32]

Maor dives into technology trends on his radar, including the rise of video chat software.

The technology behind it all [23:27]

As we explore evolving technologies and their impact on the senior care industry, Maor sheds light on the ways having a web app was vital for their evolution.

Debunking common misconceptions in healthcare [24:43]

Maor provides some final expert tips for fellow entrepreneurs and healthcare professionals striving to break into the industry.

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